Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UK Spoilers


New Scoop Back Tank, made of luon with a built in bra. Shown in Black Cherry and Black. This has a very classic lulu look to me.

lululemon-love-tee weave
Love Tee in Ghost Weave Black White print. I kind of like this.

lululemon-heat-wave jet-crop
Heat Wave Black White luxtreme Jet Crop.

lululemon-tech-mesh high-times-pant
Star Crush print Tech Mesh High Times pant.

Heather Bark Berry Scuba

lululemon-seva-jacket bark-berry
Bark Berry Seva Jacket

lululemon-breezie-regal-plum wunder-under-crop
Breezie Regal Plum Print Wunder Under Crops

Good Vibes Deep Navy/Black Inspires

Fatigue Fog Crew Love Pullover


The Charming Braid Headband is back in new colors - Black Plum and Butter Pink/Regal Plum. I have a Charming and like it a lot.

lululemon-camo underwear
Savasana Camo underwear


Anonymous said...

omg.. i need those breezie regal plum WUCs in my life!!! when will the U.S. get them?!

christine said...

soooooo jealous of the high times pant in starry night mesh!!!! like the new headbands too although not sure how well they would stay on.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay....more mesh :-(

Anonymous said...

Is the new fall line or spring?? Pretty dull colors for a spring line.

LuluAddict said...

I am hoping to see all the colors that are showing up in that Iridescent print - bright blue, purples, and that electric coral.

Anonymous said...

Hawk blue WU crop and Devi top. Waiting for nimbus jacket.... Any idea when that will be out?

Anonymous said...

I have a head band I bought from lulu a while back that looks exactly like that, and the thing works well for casual but any serious exercise and it falls off.


LuluAddict said...

@M - I use mine for casual wear, not to work out. I've been using mostly Swiftly headbands for my workouts, lately.

Unknown said...

I saw the breezie regal plum pattern in my store today! (Chicago suburbs) I think they were the wuc 's!