Friday, March 6, 2015

The Away Dress is in the US! (Updated)

lululemon away dress

lululemon away dress

lululemon away dress
The new Away Dress has hit US stores. This is from a Salt Lake City store.

Update - a Black Cherry Away Dress has hit the outlets (this is from the Gilroy outlet). The outlets will take phone orders and ship for free. A reader (thank you!) says this is priced at $159 now.


Alin said...

Nice to see the model in the correct size. I feel like the other pictures have been with models trying to squeeze into the wrong size which makes the dress look horrible. Looks pretty when worn looser.

Anonymous said...

They should take that dress "away". Hahaha

Anonymous said...

saw this in purple and yellow in the gilroy (california) outlet today -- marked down to 159.

had never seen it in stores before. i'm a 6 in tops and a 4 in pants -- tried the 6 and it was super cute on (loose in the waist but would have been too tight upstairs in a 4). Was tempted but didn't get it because it seemed totally impossible to wear a bra without showing lines but at the same time way too... erm, perky to NOT wear a bra with. would totally buy if it drops under 100. super flattering cut and great fabric for a summer day.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:19 pm - I just saw a photo of this pop up on the Gilroy page. For those who would like it, you can call the outlets and they will ship it to you for free.