Saturday, March 28, 2015

Star Crush Power Y

lululemon black star crush power y
Star Crush Power Y with an In Flux Jacket and and Black Cherry Bottoms. I bought this Power Y the other week. The material is nicely thick.


Anonymous said...

Are the moody mirage wup on WMTM in the US sheer or are they nice and compressive? Debating ordering a pair but never tried on in store. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Off topic- I'm looking for recommendations for a running crop. Need something that has a pocket big enough for an iphone 5 w/ case. I think my preference is for a leg pocket, but a back pocket would work as well. There were a couple of reviews online that said the pocket in the Top Speed Crop is not big enough. I have a pair of Inspires, but don't run in them bc I find the back pocket a pinch small (I should not they are a year and 1 a half or so old- I don't know if newer ones have different sized pockets). I have not tried anything Athleta yet, but would be open to those as well. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Has the love tee ii been released in the US either online or in stores?