Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heathered Slate Cool Racerback and Textured Stripe Slate Wunder Under Crops

lululemon-heathered-slate cool-racerback textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-in-flux-jacket textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-heathered-slate cool-racerback textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop
I was second guessing ordering the Textured Stripe Slate Deep Coal Wunder Under Crops and then I came across these photos. Shown with the Heathered Slate Cool Racerback and White In Flux Jacket. Update, I liked her outfit so much I had to order the Heathered Slate CRB.

lululemon-devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon-devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop

lululemon devi-crew textured-stripe-wunder-under-crop
Shown with the Devi Crew.


Anonymous said...

WHY do they ruin every pair of print or light colored crops with seams that don't match?! I dont get it. I have a really old pair of gray WAFS WUC where the seams are printed with the same pattern, so you don't see them. This seems like such an OBVIOUS important detail that they changed for the worse. I hate the way it looks with noticeable seams up the butt, front, legs. Especially for $100 pants, there is no excuse.

Cari H said...

Couldn't resist the CRB and the wunder unders- I love grey!

Chezhire71 said...

@Anon 7:52, I'm with you re:seams.
I'd have purchased these textured bottoms if the seams didn't pop so darn much.

Anonymous said...

Another vote against contrasting seams. I passed on many pants lately due to this issue. Why do I want pants that draws attention to my butt-crack and lady bits? Seriously, common sense Lulu designers.

Luli Designs said...

Anyone know what beige shoes the woman in the Devi crew is wearing? Those look really cute with crops!

Lululover said...

Looks like I'm in the minority , but I like contrasting seams on Define jackets and don't mind them on pants either. I would actually like to buy a CRB or SRB in white with dark seams. I think it'll look cool. Or I also saw jacket somewhere , don't remember the brand, it was peach color with dark navy seams, so beautiful. Wish lulu would do something like that

Anonymous said...

Jackets with contrasting seams can be flattering. Pants with contrasting seams are never flattering, unless you want the crack of your rear end to be the focal point.