Friday, March 6, 2015

Find Your Bliss Jacket, Blue Tropics All Sport Support Tank, and More

lululemon deep-navy find-your-bliss-jacket

lululemon blue-tropics all-sport-support-tank
Blue Tropics All Sport Support Tank (from the same European store) and what looks like Star Crushed print bottoms.

lululemon moody-mirage wunder-under-crops

lululemon clear-mint ta-ta-tamer
Clear Mint Ta Ta Tamer and matching Speed Tights

lululemon deep-navy wild-tank


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Those speeds might be the way I satisy my need for a hint of clear mint! Very cute, but not an in-your-face color punch

Anonymous said...

Hey guys does anyone know if the hazy horizon flow y bra was uploaded to the canadian side? I hope I didn't miss it!!! I forgot how much I loved it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:21
I don't think you missed it. I only saw the hazy print uploaded on the retreat bra.