Friday, March 20, 2015

Dream Catcher Embossed Miss Misty Jacket

lululemon dream-catcher miss-misty-jacket

lululemon dream-catcher miss-misty-jacket
From a European store, the Dream Cather Embossed Naked/Clear Mint Miss Misty Jacket. This color isn't is just hitting US stores now in North America yet - the Clear Mint zippers are kind of fun. Also shown is a Clear Mint What the Sport Singlet and Fatigue Wunder Under Pants.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else find that photo with the girl holding onto the mannequin's headless neck unsettling?

Odd pose aside, I do like that naked/clear mint jacket. It's an unexpected combo, unique yet not too "out there"....would like to see more from Lulu that meets that criteria. They used to be so good at that sort of thing.

reya said...

I'm totally missing the "dreamcatcher embossed" part of this... ? Is something different on the jacket ??

LuluAddict said...

@Reya - it looked like an embossed version of the Star Crushed print to me.

Anonymous said...

Too busy looking at the jacket. Until you mentioned it.