Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cut Above Dress, Star Crush Adjustable All Sport Bra, and More



lululemon-star-crush-adjustable-bra what-the-sport-short
Really love how showy the bra is here - Star Crush print Adjustable All Sport Bra and What the Sport Short.

lululemon-cyber-stripe high-times-pant



lululemon-blissed-out-wrap retreat-7/8-tight
Blissed Out Wrap. Also shown is the Fatigue Yeah Yoga Tank with Heathered Slate Wunder Under Crops. Bottom photos shows Retreat 7/8 Pant.

lululemon yeah-yoga-tank retreat-7/8-tight

lululemon yeah-yoga-tank retreat-7/8-tight
Fatigue Yeah Yoga Tank with Black Cherry Retreat 7/8 Pant. I know someone mentioned in the comments the were looking for fully opaque bottoms to instruct in and these are double-lined in the backside. The waist is higher and super comfortable. I'd really love a pair of these in a solid color but I'd consider these if they hit WMTM at a nice price.

lululemon speckled-black-wunder-under-pant

lululemon sugar-crush-power-y

lululemon-sculpt-tank retreat-7/8-tight
Sugar Crush Power Y with Heathered Speckled Black Cotton and Camo (or Fatigue) Wunder Under Pants. The Sugar Crush print has really grown on me - it coordinates with so many different bottom colors. Also shown is a Sculpt Tank and Retreat 7/8 pant.

lululemon-surge-tight metal-vent-tech-ls

lululemon surge-tight metal-vent-tech-ls



Photography credit - Alison Mango
There were some seriously nice muscles, er, clothes on display in the Facebook feeds today. Because I know everyone loved seeing the mens tights before - Surge Tights and LS Metal Vent Tech LS. Shown in the last photo - Ginza Stripe Hawk Blue Bodhi Tank and Flash Jab Kayak Blue El Current Short.


Anonymous said...


At first I thought it was Marky Mark and now I have "Good Vibrations" stuck in my head.

Not so far off topic, I just got in the mail the star crushed black cherry pace pusher crop and I love almost everything about them except for how extremely thin the material feels. I'm pretty sure that I have other "full-on luxtreme" items (run a marathon? inspires?), but these are insanely thin almost nylon tight thin. I got these instead of the top speed because it got better reviews online, but I'm hesitant to pull the tags off. Perhaps the thinner material will be nice in the summer months, I'm just so skeptical.... (They are super cute though!!)

Anonymous said...

Woah. Those last two photos. I was not expecting that (in an amazingly good way of course:).

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:07 pm - I bought the Black Star Crush Wunder Under Crops this weekend (last week?) because I liked how much thicker the luon fabric was. I like the print but, like you say, it's too think in the luxtreme. But, thinner will be nicer for summer. Are they sheer on you?

Anonymous said...

What a hideous dress!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well those last few photos just made my morning here on the east coast!!! Thanks LLA!!! Men in tights are not so bad after all!

Chezhire71 said...

Thanks LLA, for the serious eye candy this morning. Those men, er those clothes, look insanely hot, and in a good way. ;)

Re: the sugar crush print, my 9 y.o. DD saw this print in our store last week and asked "Mom, why are they selling a top that looks moldy?" I'm not buying any of the sugar crush items after her observation, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

The woman sporting the Fatigue Yeah Yoga Tank with Black Cherry Retreat 7/8 Pan really does showcases the pieces well.

Women and men in action doing their activites are awesome. This is what adds to customers' inspiration, not so much those that are lounging around with a Starbucks beverage or phone in their hand, or mock stretching or 'yoga' shots.

The boys are in fine form and clearly real men can wear LLL.

Yes, the dress is a shapeless sack and very funny with the extended hem at the pockets. Bizarre.

LuluAddict said...

@Chezhire71- it totally looks like mold but I have grown to really like it.

@ anon 4:06 am - Tights are definitely not a bad thing at all. Nice looking, fit guys in lululemon clothes are impossible for me not to post. :)

Anonymous said...

WMTM is up, with a decent amount of moody mirage, including the define.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:18 am - I totally love the photos of the woman in the All Sport bra and What the Sport short lifting weights. The crossfit style ones are probably my favorites but I know it's hard for the stores to get on a location and take photos like that. I have a friend whose pet peeve are the shots where everyone is holding cups of coffee but my personal pet peeve are the photos taken in alleyways, especially when the women are against a wall. Alleyway = hookers to me. ;-)

@ anon 9:41 am- I know. Looks like they are getting rid of all Moody Mirage to make way for new prints.

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Anon 6:07 am, no they are not sheer on me. I might see if my local store has the WU crops in this pattern, but these have great pockets in the front for GUs and the like.

MB. said...

Those mens pics are amazing! Thank you, LLA :)

Agree with you re: the star print being catchy. It's all about pairing it well, and the store product photos have been doing a good job of doing that.

Anonymous said...

A lot of stuff got pulled from WMTM. I was on the fence about the Yogi Racerback and one of the other Racerbacks for a while and there were a ton left until this morning, but, whoops, gone now.

Anonymous said...

has anyone ever seen the rejuvenate yoga tote in the stores in black yet?

LuluAddict said...

@MB - they have been. I love when they put cute outfits together and give me new ideas.

Anonymous said...

mmm mmm mmm those guys are smoking hot
I didn't notice the other pictures

Anonymous said...

Hello! Those guys are very, very inspirational to me :)
OK now I've composed myself, perhaps LLL should not get into the dresses. I can see a use for something like this, but will just drop by Target and pay $19.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see what the Mens tights look like from up front... I'm not sure if I dig the Swan Lake ballet look on guys. I sat front row a few months ago and it was... distracting. I do not love guys in tights, yes you can clearly see EVERYTHING, but who cares?