Monday, March 23, 2015

Blissed Out Warp, Yeah Yoga Tank, and More

lululemon-yeah-yoga-tank boogie-short
I really like the Vintage Pink Yeah Yoga Tank with the Deep Navy Moody Mirage Boogie Shorts. Shown with a Blissed Out Wrap.

lululemon-blissed-out-wrap inkwell

lululemon-blissed-out-wrap white

lululemon-blissed-out-wrap white
Blissed Out Wraps. The blue is Inkwell so I think these might be leftover from last time they were out.

lululemon-hold-your-om sculpt-short

lululemon-hold-your-om-bra sculpt-short

Perfectly Perfed Tee and Yoga Party Pant

lululemon-weekend-ls varsity-short


Anonymous said...

My LLL store had the Blissed Out Wraps in June 2014. I purchased one in black, then went back 2 days later to switch out sizes. They had shipped all of the wraps back to HQ because they said they were shipped out by mistake and weren't releasing until later in the season. I guess that 'later' is now because they are all in the same colors as I saw last year. I love mine, but the sleeves are very tight. I can only wear it over a tank. The big hood is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Blissed Out wraps were at Bellevue Square store yesterday. They looked really wrinkled, not sure that's a good look. I love my Gratitude Wrap. I will wear that until it is a wrap. It's much more substantial and not all wrinkly.

LuluAddict said...

Yeah, I'm not a Blissed Out fan. I think they're made of Tencel and that stuff wrinkles if you look at it funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah regardless of some appeal of the Blissed Out Wrap, no thanks. They are all wrinkled and look dumpy.