Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hawk Blue Wunder Under Crops, Devi Crew Sweater, and More

lululemon-hawk-blue wunder-under-crop

lululemon-hawk-blue wunder-under-crop
Based on the straps, I think this is the Clear Mint Crossback tank. Shown with the Devi Crew, $138, and Hawk Blue Wunder Under Crops. A reader said the crops are nicely thick.

lululemon hawk-blue wunder-under-crop

lululemon-hawk-blue wunder-under-crop devi sweater

lululemon-hawk-blue devi sweater
More Devi Crew and Hawk Blue Wunder Under Crops photos.

Bark Berry Rain On Jacket and Warrior Scarf.

Devi Crew and Textured Stripe Slate Wunder Under Crop.


lululemon what-the-sport-short


lululemon skinny-groove-ii

lululemon skinny-groove-ii devi-sweater


lululemon-skinny-groove-ii devi-sweater-black

lululemon clear mint cross-back


Anonymous said...

I agree with previous folks that the cross back tank doesn't fit well if you have a bigger chest. I am a 32DD/DDD and sized up to an 8 in the top. I had boob spilling out the sides and the top. There was also a seam on the inside of the top (I think where the cups go if they fit) that you could see through the top in the clear mint color. I was sad this top didn't work, and I need a new supportive tank.

Anonymous said...

This sweater is so cute, but I wish it were just a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

If Savasana wraps show up tonight, I 'm going to fight for them. Lol. They were gone like in five minutes last year!!.!

Hannah Birge said...

I'm pretty sure I can see her dark panties in the fourth photo 😑

Anonymous said...

My store eds said the beautiful Hawk Blue crops didn't come in a size 2. WHY lulu WHY???? Why are you denying me my blue crops?????

Anonymous said...

boring snoring....... nothing exciting at all!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!! Still waiting for a new different color not done before or one that is awesome and hardly ever done...... crb or a new tank style would be nice!!!! Jeeze w/ all the tank styles in their arsenal why can't they just reserect one from the good ole days!!!