Monday, March 23, 2015

Australian Spoilers

Devi Crew in Plum Peach/ Naval Blue

Slate/Coal Circle Geo Wunder Under Roll Downs

Bordeaux Devi Yoga Pant. These are cotton. 

Heathered Space Dye Gris Scuba Jacket

Heathered Deep Navy On the Daily Hoodie

Bordeaux/Butter Pink Vinyasa

Post Yoga Wrap

Not too many new brand new items that we haven't seen uploaded to the HK or UK sites. The Space Dye Gris Scuba interests me but not sure I need it.


Anonymous said...

These items seem best for the Aus crowd since they're transitioning to the fall season. Nothing here appeals to me since I'm ready for bright and cheery spring/summer colors.

Lululover said...

Same here , beautiful bright colors/patterns please!

Lululover said...

OT: I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but Power Date Blazer ( first showed up around Thanjsgiving) FINALLY got uploaded last week on US side and now seems to be completely sold out in all sizes. I couldn't help but ordered it myself a couple of months ago from Canada and really liking it

Alin said...

Does that Post Yoga Wrap have a rat tail!? o_0

Anonymous said...

That Bordeaux vinyasa is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Bordeaux/Butter Pink Vinyasa looks lovely. I don't need it though as I already have Bordeaux with bumbleberry stripes.

Post Yoga Wrap has a 'tail' because you can gather/scrunch the back. I'm personally not into this item.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, those yoga pants are bunching around the ankle and it looks horrible! I can't believe they actually published that picture.