Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Newest Britt's Picks

This new green reminds me a lot of Savage green.
Blue Tropics - one of my recent favorites - is back. Yay!

Star Crushed Multi Print in the Miss Misty
The US is getting the Pace Pusher crops in a new print - Star Crushed Black Cherry. I definitely want to give these a try on.

I like the style of this jacket - I am in the market for a basic rain jacket and hope it comes in a neat neutral like deep camo or, hope against hope, Black Cherry, but man, what a name.

I also am liking the look of these pants. I tried on the previous version of the Namaskar pants but didn't care for the shiny material.

 Hip to Be Free bag in the Star Crushed print.

Varsity shorts are back.

New long line-style bra.

New Free to Be Wild bra in the Moody Mirage print. I just got the Moody Mirage Energy bra I ordered over the weekend yesterday and am wearing it today. I think the print is nice small pieces, like a bra.


Anonymous said...

I agree - heathered blue tropics is such a pretty color! I'm confused as to why they would bring back the varsity shorts when they sat on WMTM forever last year? In theory they seemed like a great idea but they made my butt look super flat. Even the tencel ones didn't seem to sell well.

That black cherry pattern is beautiful. I hope they make it in some longer crops too.

LuluAddict said...

I liked the Varsity shorts well enough but not enough to get them. I think the colors they were out in last year weren't that great, though.

Anonymous said...

Love that green! Please bring to US in a LS Swiftly!

June said...

might have to get that blue tropics 105 since the swiftly tank color doesn't exactly match my blue tropics shorts for some reason...

Anonymous said...

I like the namaskar pant. I even like the previous shiny version and own a pair. Wish I had bought a second pair when they went down to $49 in my store but will get the newer, more subtle version as well.

Anonymous said...

both green shades are very nice. I don't have a lot of green in lulu items.
I also agree with the comment regarding the energy bra. I just got mine as well in the moody mirage and I love the pattern on this piece, it is too much for pants or even a tank.


Anonymous said...

Heathered Gully Green looks awesome.

I like the look of the Star Crushed Multi print. Hip to be Free bag looks good too.

Agree, what a name choice for the Drizz Jacket.

I don't understand releasing another deep V bra that's half a top. They have done about 3 versions now in the recent past and they all go to wmtm.

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for the moody mirage FTBW but timing is bad! i am 7 weeks pregnant and can't predict whether i'll be able to wear this one later, even if i size up. tempted to stockpile one in a size up so i can have it as a treat when i feel miserable later on... but also worry about jinxing things by buying things for later in pregnancy.

those namaskar pants do have 2nd trimester potential...

Anonymous said...

I love the blue tropics color and would totally buy the 105f singlet...but they got rid of the scalloping detail! It is not nearly as cute without the scalloping, in my opinion. I was in store last weekend and asked an associate if they were planning on bringing the detail back at all and she had no idea. Totally disappointing. I don't own a 105f singlet but was planning on buying a brightly colored one this summer for outdoor running. Now I'm not so sure.