Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NEW Chevron Shuffle Inspire Tights

lululemon inspire tights
New Chevron Shuffle Inspire Tights. Shown with the Solo Bra. These remind me a lot of the Sea Wheeze Chevron Inspires.

Close up of the new Animal Swirl and Alberta Lake Hot Hot Shorts.

From Australia, the Atomic Flower Club Jacket.


Anonymous said...

I just received the Black Cherry and Deep Camo High Times that I ordered last week. I haven't seen any comments on the Deep Camo ones yet, but wanted to let everyone know that they're also made in Canada and are fully opaque (even more than the Black Cherry (I can very faintly see the outline of black underwear in a deep squat in BC shade - they're far from see through but I'll stick to nude when wearing these). The Deep Camo is quite a bit darker than Fatigue Green. If they get loaded to the US site today and you like the shade, I'd go for it!

I hadn't expected to keep both, but there's no way I'm parting with either. I'll return the Festival Bag I bought instead.

Anonymous said...

For hot yoga the hot hot shorts work better than the boogie shorts. I will be checking them out when I stop by my local store.

Alberta lake color is so different from the last time this color came out. It was more of a greenish teal than blue.


Anonymous said...

wow... these bottoms really can look amazing to very trashy. i am NOT a fan.

Anonymous said...

The chevron inspire tights look very similar to the patterned inspire tights I bought at Seawheeze.