Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Foreign Site Spoilers

lululemon fatigue swiftly ls
Fatigue Half Zip Swiftly LS

lululemon speed tight
Oil Slick Blue Lotus Camo Speed Tight

lululemon energy bra lotus camo
I can't remember if we've seen this already or not - Lotus Camo Energy Bra.

lululemon studio racerback
Jet Stripe Studio Racerback Tank

lululemon tracker ii short
Dottie Eighth Gingham Tracker II Shorts


JacallyL said...

The US got the lotus camo energy bra.. I already bought it lol

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, JacallyL!

Anonymous said...

Could anyone comment what the difference between the studio racerback and CRB? Thanks! (e.g. higher neckline, shorter ect..)

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:31 pm - I have some photos of a Studio Racerback compared to a CRB here - laying next to each other and on top of each other: It's about 1.5" shorter, the neckline is a bit more scooped out at the bottom. The fit is about the same, width wise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison (and the link!)

Anonymous said...

I like the Fatigue half zip swiftly - I like the fatigue colour in general. A CRB would be great. I do not like the Dottie Eighth Gingham Traker ii Boxer shorts.

Lululover said...

Can somebody comment on the major difference between WUP and speed tights? Do they feel different on? Ty!

Anonymous said...

And in the studio one the sides stick out if you have small boobs.

clpatters said...

I like the Jet Stripe a lot. I think I might have seen it in a local store (upstate NY) a week or so ago, but had no idea what the name of the color/ print was and couldn't find anything online about it, so that would make sense. I am very loyal to the CRB, but I might just have to get the studio racerback in that one. The Fatigue color has really grown on me, I also wish it came in a CRB and some other things, too.

Anonymous said...

lululover the WUP and speed tight are very different. The fabric of the WUP is more cotton like and is designed for yoga. The speed tight is a technical fabric that is shinier and more compressive and is designed for running.