Friday, January 9, 2015

Color Comparison - Dark Wren vs. Wren

Taken with a flash.

I believe this was asked for in the comments - Dark Wren Dance Studio Jacket on left and Wren Studio Crops on the right.


OHBabbs said...

LLA, couple months ago I started to notice Lulu shipping things from Groveport Ohio same location as Athleta, Gap and Old Navy. The mailing times on the free shipping have been drastically cut with some of my items arriving in 24-48 instead of the 8 days when they come from the west coast. What's the dish? I hope this will continue?

Anonymous said...

I tried on the black cherry high times today and found them nice and opaque. They are a lovely color. I passed on them thought because I have a few pairs similar..bordeaux drama and plum. The Black cherry is a little more purple. but....looks nice with caspian blue. Also there are so many reviews of the fabric pilling. I left with a pair of base runners. (i know I am late to that party) but, it has been so cold, I wanted something snuggly. colors are just so meh.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Wren is pretty. I have enough jackets though. And when I reach for my Dance Studio Jacket, I like the dark grey one I have from 4 years ago or so. I only have so much time to wear casual jackets.

I bought the Fluffed Up Vest in Alberta Lake today, in store. It's awesome. I love this colour so much and I'm glad I held out on buying a vest. (Have not had one in a few years. Purged my last non-LLL one.) I wear a 4 in CRBs and shirts and a 4 or 6 in jackets depending on the jacket, and the 6 in the vest was the right choice. It's fitted and flattering but I can still wear a couple of light layers underneath (tried it on with the CRB and rulu l/s I was already wearing), with the zipper in both positions. It's also an excellent length.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:24 pm - thanks for the review on the Black Cherry bottoms. I saw them today but didn't try them on - they were just putting them out on the floor.

@OHbabbs - they opened an Ohio warehouse a few months ago so mid-west and east coast are getting their items a lot faster. Every now and then they'll have to ship stuff from the other warehouse and it's back to 8 days but it seems to be smoother now than when it first opened.