Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alberta Lake with Caspian Blue, Fatigue, Pop Orange, Creamsicle Pop, Aquamarine, Bleached Coral, Shell Pink, Vintage Pink, Fresh Teal, & Angel Blue

lululemon alberta lake creamsicle pop
This post was inspired by a thread on one of my Facebook groups about what to pair with Alberta Lake. I dug a few tops out of my closet to show you and if you have any requests for combos, let me know in the comments and if I have a piece in the color you are looking for I'll update this post with more photos. Shown here is an Alberta Lake Right Round Tank (wish they would make this top again) with a Pop Orange Swiftly tank on the left and a Creamsicle Pop CRB on the right.

lululemon alberta lake vintage pink
Vintage Pink Swiftly on the left and a Bleached Coral CRB on the right. 

lululemon alberta lake caspian blue
 Aquamarine CRB on the left and Caspian Blue Swiftly tank on the right.

lululemon alberta angel blue
Fresh Teal CRB on the left and Shell Pink CRB on the right.

Angel Blue CRB on the left and Aquamarine RunBeam SS on the right.

lululemon alberta lake fatigue
With a Fatigue Swiftly Tank. This was inspired by the pairing from the photo in a post from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hey LLA, love your blog! If possible can you post a color comparison with Deep Camo and Dark Wren? (if you buy both colors)...Thanks!!

Unknown said...

I love Alberta lake with raspberry glo! Both my rose herringbone scuba and daily yoga bag have that combo! Also nice with Paris and pinkelicious!

Anonymous said...

I like all those AL color combos; thanks for posting! For anyone who prefers darker colors in tops, I just checked a few colors against my AL run turnaround jacket, and rich earth pairs beautifully with it. I also thought that tonka stripe bordeaux and bruised berry looked nice with it. On the lighter side, bali breeze and antidote paired quite well. I was surprised to find that I have a lot of tops that will pair well with the AL WUPs. Really loving the light blues wishing I had kept my angel blue CRB.

Anonymous said...

Atomic Red Wild Tank - Insanely Gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of alberta lake pants from a few years ago (1st release) and i always pair it w/ aquamarine and angel blue (is this the correct name?) its a super saturated robins egg blue anyhow and it goes splendidly w/ alberta lake, i would also put it w/ white o and navy looks really nice (true navy not purple navy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison pics LLA. AL is turning out to be a great neutral color. I'll be pairing it with lots of light greens and blues. Kinda regretting letting go my creamsicle pop CRB now. They are beautiful together.

Anonymous said...

I already had the Black and Boom Juice Fluffed Up vests and love the way they fit. I made the mistake of trying on the Alberta Lake Fluffed Up vest and just couldn't leave it in the store. And I decided it needed to come home with a friend, so say hello to my new Caspian Blue LS Swiftly. I think these two colors look awesome together.

Anonymous said...

Also meant to add that I like that the reflective strip next to the zipper on the Albert Lake Fluffed Up vest is basically Alberta Lake colored. It's not silver colored like it is on the Black and Boom Juice Fluffed Up vests. I really like that about this particular color of the Fluffed Up vest.