Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Australian Spoilers

lululemon waterbound hoodie
Ombre Wave White/Multi Waterbound Hoodie. This has a real Sweaty Betty vibe to it, as one of the readers pointed out in the comments.

lululemon shanti rashguard
Dreams Wave Multi Shanti Surf Rashguard

lululemo fatigue scoop neck tank
The Scoop Neck Tank is back in Black, Flash, White, and Heathered Deep Camo Fatigue.

lululemon pace setter skirt dream rose
Pace Setter Skirt in Dottie Dream Rose. 

lululemon what the sport short
What the Sport Short in Stained Glass Love Nightfall

lululemon no limit tank
No Limit Tank in Pow/Dottie Dream Rose 

Also, it looks like there was a re-stock on the US side (I haven't checked the Canadian side yet) of the website this evening. You might want to check if something you wanted is back in stock.

Dip Dye Houndstooth Wunder Under Pant, Pique Think Fast Pullovers, and More

lululemon high times textured stripe

lululemon high times textured stripe

lululemon high times textured stripe

lululemon high times textured stripe
The new High Times Textured Stripe Pant in Black/Deep Coal. Shown with the Capilano Stripe Black White Free to Be Wild bra. I really love the pairing of these two stripe patterns.

lululemon dip dye houndstooth wunder under pant
The Giant Houndstooth Dip Dye Wunder Under Pant. Shown with a Yogi Crew Sweater.

lululemon think fast pullover
The Mini Check Pique White/ Heathered Slate Think Fast Pullover. I tried this on in the store today and really liked it. I returned the Ultra Violet Flurry Fighter Pullover (I decided I only need to own one of these in my climate and kept the black one) and got this but will keep the tags on until the black mini check pique Think Fast comes out. I already have the Think Fast Hoodie (took the tags off this weekend and really like) in the White/Slate and a Turn Around LS in a nearly identical color so don't really need three tops in the same color. There is also a finite amount of cozy tops that I can use.

lululemon parallel stripe speed tights
The Black Parallel Stripe Think Fast Hoodie and matching Parallel Stripe Speed Tights. Not loving the matchy matchiness of this combo.

lululemon practice daily ls

lululemon practice daily ls

lululemon practice daily ls

lululemon practice daily ls
Photos of the new Manifesto Daily Practice LS. I'm not sure which Vinyasa she has on in the last photo. I think it's the Ultra Violet Pique one but it's not as dark as that in real life. I have an older version of this in white called the Fresh Manifesto LS and, surprisingly, it's turned out to be one of the handiest tops I own. I often use it to layer over a Cool Racerback when I have to travel on a plane in the summer or when I'm going to be out all day and the night is a lot cooler than the daytime. The white lets the color or pattern of my CRB show through and it adds just the right amount of warmth. 

lululemon think fast tank
The rulu Think Fast Tank in Om Stripe Silver Spoon Multi. I did not like this at all on me. My chest is too big for it and it made the armpits gape at the top of my breasts. The First Base Tanks work a lot better for me.

herringbone comparisons
The Brown Giant Herringbone Wunder Under pant compared to my black Giant Herringbone Speed Tights. You can see the WUPs are definitely brown. However, the difference is very subtle between the two and I didn't feel the need to get them. As lots of people have reported the brown herringbone WUPS run very snug. 

On a side note, I wore these Speed Tights for a quick two mile run today and really liked them. I found them super comfortable and they didn't slip at all.  I love the thigh pocket - it was very handy for my phone and I didn't notice it at all in there - no jostling around or anything. They were a bit hot since it was in the low/mid sixties but I wanted to give them a try. The material is stretchier than fullux, so more comfortable, but a bit thicker than regular luxtreme. I read an online review where someone said they found them scratchy on their skin but I wore them nearly all day and found them very comfortable. I'm thinking I might want to wear them for one of my upcoming January races.

NEW! Be Present Jacket

lululemon be present jacket

lululemon be present jacket

lululemon be present jacket

lululemon be present jacket

lululemon be present jacket
New Be Present Jacket. I love this. It reminds me a bit of my absolute favorite Pump It Up jacket. I really wish the Pump It Up would be re-released. The Be Present is made of luon.

White Parallel Stripe Runday Crops

New Parallel Stripe White/Black Runday Crops. The waistband sets my lulu-spidey senses tingling. Is lululemon going to make fans ecstatic and bring out a black version of the coveted asstastic Quiet Stripes? It would be very, very smart (and profitable) of them if they did. (Thanks to Ms. E. for her photos.)

lululemon quiet stripe wunder under crop

The famous Quiet Stripe Wunder Under crops. The most magical of magic pants ever produced.

Textured Stripe Black Deep Coal High Times Pant and More

lululemon high times pant textured stripe
Drats, this photo made me order these. I am afraid if I didn't I'd miss out on the next CSS, QS, PS (Coal Strata Stripe, Quiet Stripe, Parallel Stripe) hot thing. These are the Textured Stripe Black Deep Coal High Times Pant. Also shown is a Cardi All Day Sweater, Yogi Muscle Tee (I think), and a Fly Away Tamer headband.

lululemon brown herringbone
The brown Giant Herringbone Wunder Under Pants. Shown with the Wild Tank. These are the bottoms that people say are more brown than black when you see them in person.A reader writes in to say these are definitely brown (man, do I "need" these, too?) and the color is identified incorrectly as black on the website.

lululemon quick change vest
The Quick Change Vest. 

lululemon rise and shine trouser pant
Scoop Back LS and Rise and Shine Trouser Pant.

lululemon scuba
Stained Glass Love White/Neutral Blush Scuba. I love it but can't help feeling it would look much better on my sixteen year old niece than me.