Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stained Glass Love Speed Tights and More

lululemon nightfall stained glass love speed tight

lululemon rest less pullover
Hello, my new pretties - the Nightfall Stained Glass Love Speed Tight. I really hope Rundays or Inspires are released in this print. I wish the Energy bra in this print was uploaded tonight, too. I assume it will shown up on Tuesday's upload. Shown with the Ultra Violet Rest Less pullover. I'm going to have to remember to give the Rest Less a try on tomorrow, if the lines for the dressing rooms aren't too long.

lululemon rest less pullover

lululemon rest less pullover
The Ultra Violet Rest Less Pullover.

lululemon totally toasty neck warmer
Totally Toasty Neck Warmer in Neutral Blush/Early Blue/Nimbus. You can see the sherpa lining in this photo. Where are my sherpa jackets/pullovers? My sherpa pieces are among my most favorite lululemon items I own. I hope they are coming for December.

lululemon mind and body kit

lululemon mind and body kit

Feeling Frosty Softshell jacket and Flurry Fighter Tights. I really like how these look on this woman.

Party Bomb Jacket, Core Set Bra, Lab Shadow Jacket, and More

lululemon garden party under under

lululemon garden party under under

lululemon party bomb jacket garden party

lululemon party bomb jacket garden party

lululemon shimmy shimmer shine tight

lululemon party bomb jacket
Shimmy Shimmer Multi Party Bomb Jacket, Shine Tight, and Core Set Bra.

lululemon lab shadow jacket

lululemon lab shadow jacket

lululemon shimmy shimmer wunder under pants

lululemon lab shadow jacket
The Lab Shadow Jacket, Shimmy Shimmer Multi Shine Tights, and Core Set bra. I can't decide how I feel about the print Shine Tights in these photos. I think I like them but I need to see this print in person.

lululemon scoop back ls


lululemon core set bra
Core Set Bra Shimmy Shimmer Black White.

lululemon shine short roll down

lululemon shimmy shimmer shine tight
Shimmy Shimmer Multi Shine Tight Roll Down.

lululemon jet crop
Jet Crops. Is this style really that popular?

lululemon party bomb jacket

lululemon party bomb jacket

lululemon lab shadow jacket

lululemon scoop back top
Scoop Back Long Sleeve in Garden Party Multi Smooth Silver Multi. I like this piece the best of the BF blingy items.

lululemon flouncy tee
Flouncy Tee. I like this piece a lot but want to try it on in the store. 

I'm not really getting the thinking behind the 3:45 pm PST upload today, hitting at the tail end of our holiday dinner. It made a good excuse for getting out of washing dishes, I guess. I know Best Buy did their Black Friday upload at 5 am since my husband knocked off our kids' Xmas list this morning.

Anywhoo.... the Black Friday stuff is extremely underwhelming imo. I might have gone for a Shimmy Shimmer print Energy bra but since the blingy prints only come in oddball styles my wallet was safe. However...

I did order a Camo Fatigue Festival bag and the Stained Glass Love Speed Tight. There was a bunch of We Made Too Much uploaded, too, but I decided to restrain myself in the hopes that more goodies are coming in December.

What did you get?

(PS - If you are contemplating getting the Race Your Pace Half Zip on WMTM, I'd think again. The seams that cut across your forearms are horribly itchy. I tried this PO on in three different colors and it was the same for all of them.)

NEW Lab Shadow Cotton Fleece Moto Jacket, 3D Sequin Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon cotton fleece moto jacet

lululemon lab shadow moto jacket

lululemon city tank sequin wunder unders

lululemon city tank sequin wunder unders
Part of the Black Friday release - the Lab Shadow Cotton Fleece Moto jacket and 3D Sequin print High Rise Wunder Under pants. I think this print is coming in both a silver and a gold version, but not sure. Also shown is the City Tank.

Spotted in stores - a heathered Deep Coal 105F Singlet. (Thanks to Ms. R. for the photo.)

Stained Glass Love White Energy Bra, Herringbone Define, and More

lululemon neutral blush energy bra speed tight
I really like the Stained Glass Love print. Here is the Energy Bra in Stained Glass Love White Neutral Blush and matching Speed Tights. I hope the Stained Glass love bras show up today. Also shown is an Ultra Violet High Necked Swiftly.

lululemon herringbone define jacket
The Herringbone Define. I am tempted to order this when it shows up in the US, though I already have two herringbone pullovers so can probably live without it.

lululemon hug it out jacket

lululemon hug it out jacket
More Hug It Out Jacket photos. Shown with the Rest Less Pullover and Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pants. The Giant Herringbones have become my new favorite pants lately. My only issue with all the nice print and textured bottoms is that I could use some solid colored rulu pullovers and long sleeves to wear with them. Where are the plain black pullovers? My Energy and Hills POs are getting kind of old and I need to replace them.

Brace Yourselves for the WTF of the Quarter, Maybe Year

lululemon party onsie jumpsuit
Yeah, I really have no words for this. This probably will be a top five pick for my Worst of 2014. I know some trendynistas will love this but not me. I really am all about functional pretty clothes I can sweat in or functional cozy clothes for relaxing. My wants are pretty simple but I guess I am destined to go unsatisfied this holiday season.  (Thanks to Ms. A. for the heads up on this.)

Update - this is the Party Onesie and the print is Garden Party Smooth Silver multi. It was uploaded to  the Australian website. The back view and a close up of the print:

lululemon party once garden party smooth silver
Back view of the Party Onesie.

Close up of the Garden Party Smooth Silver Multi print. I might be open to a pair of Inspires or other run crops in this crazy print. If I got them, I think I'd pretty much be required to sign up for the Vegas Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon.

vegas showgirls
Inspiration for the print? :)

Update II - maybe Johnny Weir is designing for lululemon now:

johhny weir
It all makes sense now - a mating of sparkle and bad taste.