Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Arsenal Ambient Speed Tights, Rust Berry Roll Downs, and More

I was never a fan of Menthol before but I really like the Menthol LS Swiftly in this photo (just ordered it). Shown with the Light and Bright vest and the new Arsenal Ambient Gray Speed tights. This photo is from a US lululemon store.

lululemon blush define rustberry

lululemon blush define

lululemon blush define

lululemon ultra violet swiftly
The Neutral Blush Define, Ultra Violet Swiftly LS, and Rust Berry Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Crops. I really like the crops.

lululemon rich earth wunder under pants
The latest pant colors -  Rich Earth Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants, Denim Majestic Wunder Under crops, and Black Grape In the Flow Crops.

lululemon gray yogi crew

lululemon blush yogi crew

lululemon yogi crew sweater gray

lululemon yogi crew sweater
Yogi Crew Sweater photos.

UK & HK Heads Up

lululemon arsenal speed tight

lululemon arsenal print
New print - called Arsenal Ambient Gray - revealed in the Speed tights. These look Nike/Athleta-ish to me.

lululemon emerged renewed jacket

lululemon emerged renewed jacket
New Emerged Renewed Jacket.

lululemon yogi muscle tee

lululemon yogi muscle tee

lululemon yogi muscle tee close
Yogi Muscle Tee made of Seriously Light Luon. I kind of like this.

luluelmon majestic blue scuba

luluelmon scuba
New Scubas in Denim Majestic and a white Stained Glass Love print.

lululemon majestic blue wunder under crop
Cotton WUCs roll downs in Majestic Blue.

lululemon ultra violet crop
Reversible WUCs in Ultra Violet/Black.

lululemon inky jumbo floral inspire
New Jumbo Inky Floral Inspire Crops. I might need these.

lululemon twice as nice skirt
Twice As Nice reversible skirt, made of swim material, in the Bead Envy print.

lululemon run and reflect headband

lululemon run and reflect headband
Run and Reflect headband. These are in North American stores now. I need to keep an eye out for this.

NEW! City Tank

lululemon city tank

lululemon city tank

lululemon define jacket

lululemon straight up pant

New City Tank in Ultra Violet, $64, made of a luon top and ultra swift skirted bottom. Shown with the Straight Up Pants and a Neutral Blush Define.


lululemon inkwell runday crops
Inkwell Runday crops - very tempted by these but I always end up selling my navy workout pants.

lululemon mini check pique vinyasa
Mini Check White/Black Pique Vinyasa - passed on this since I already have two Vinyasas I don't wear much. However, I will hope for some tops in this fabric.

lululemon herringbone skinny will
Giant Herringbone Skinny Will Pant - I would like to see these in the store. I already have regular black Herringbone Wunder Under Pants so can live without these.

lululemon mantra tote
Fun Neutral Blush Mantra Tote - I love this but would never use it.

lululemon wunder under pant
Circe Wunder Under Pant - I like these a lot.

lululemon nightfall ls swiftly

lululemon swiftly ls
So tempted by both these Swiftly LSs but want to see them in the store first.

lululemon think fast ls
Canada got a Think Fast LS in Heathered Slate Stripe.

lululemon tri geo scuba
Tri Geo Silver Spoon Scuba

lululemon yogi crew sweater
Yogi Crew Sweater

lululemon fluffed up hat
The new Merino Wool (?) (or is it a Swiftly?) teased in the Fluffed Up Hat photo.

lululemon prisma nightfall boogie shorts
Mini Prisma Nightfall Black Grape Boogie Shorts.

lululemon blush define
Neutral Blue Define Jacket.

lululemon power date dress
Power Date Dress

lululemon tender violet stripe cool racerback
Double Trouble Stripe Ultra Violet/Black Grape Cool Racerback

The Beat the Sleet pants did not make the upload.

I did not get anything and I am reading the site is down and/or is not letting people check out.

What did you get or are you trying to get?

Yogi Crew Sweater

lululemon yogi crew sweater
The new Yogi Crew Sweater and what looks like Fatigue green Wunder Under pants.

Prisma Multi Guava Lava Energy Bra and More

lululemon inkwell tri geo define jacket

lululemon inkwell tri geo define jacket all sport

The Inkwell Tri Geo print Define, Deep Cranberry Wunder Under, 105F Singlet, and a Prisma Multi Guava Lava/Boom Juice Print Energy bra.

lululemon inkwell tri geo define

lululemon inkwell tri geo define jacket


Inkwell Tri Geo Define

lululemon bordeaux define

lululemon skinny will pant
The Bordeaux Define and what looks like some sort of shimmery material in the waistband of Skinny Groove Pants. Update - a reader says this waistband denotes the Brushed Skinny Grooves.

Heathered Slate Cool Racerback and Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Nightfall/Black Roll Down Wunder Under Pants.

lululemon-seamlessly-covered tank
Ultra Violet Seamlessly Covered Tank and Skinny Will Pants.