Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winter Sneak Peek Video Screencaps

lululemon winter line
A new sneak peek video of the winter line was uploaded to YouTube. Here are some screen caps.

lululemon swiftly ls zig zag

lululemon swiftly ls

lululemon swiftly tight

lululemon swiftly ls

The initial scene opens with a new patterned Swiftly and run tights. I would think these might be tech fleece but they could be brushed luxtreme. Update - a reader thinks the top could be merino wool. She could be right, the bottom hem is not consistent with swiftly tops.

lululemon run tight

lululemon vest 3

lululemon vest
 Showing a new vest and pullover underneath. I am hoping that pullover is luxtreme.

lululemon fleece
I think this is a new top. I am thinking rulu but maybe something thicker.

lululemon run jacket tight

lululemon run jacket

lululemon run jacket
New run jacket. The pattern on the arm matches the mosaic/stained glass pattern we've seen in the new Free to Be bra:

lululemon free to be bra

lululemon unitard 2

lululemon unitard
The Free to Bra print that is already in the stores. It looked like these were paired with Bumble Berry Wunder Under Pants in the video. Also showing a new unitard.

New York City Marathon Special Edition Home Stretch Crew Photos (Update with Men's Revolution Crew & Inspire Crops Photos)

Photos of the women's Special Edition New York City marathon Home Stretch Crew. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.) 

Photos of the NYC marathon SE Inspires. (Thanks to Ms. AE for the photos. She is running the marathon Sunday - good luck!)

The men's Revolution Crew. (Thanks again to Ms. AE.)

Geo Soul Print Tracker II Shorts

luluemon geo soul tracker ii shorts
A photo of the new Geo Soul print Tracker II shorts.

Another peep of the purple mosaic Free to Be Bra. Shown with the Bright Bomber Jacket.

The New Mosaic Print Free to Be Bra

lululemon free to be bra wunder under pant

lululemon black grape wunder under pant

lululemon purple fog studio jacket
That pretty new purples mosaic print Free to Be Bra, Cotton Roll Down Wunder Under Pants in Black Grape, and Purple Fog Studio Jacket. I am a big purples fan so I really like the new print. I am crossing my fingers for an Energy Bra in this print.

PS - If you are in NYC and try to get the marathon stuff today let us know how it goes.