Saturday, October 25, 2014

Clip In Tank, Fuel Green Manifesto Speed Shorts, and More

lululemon manifesto fuel green speed shorts

lululemon fuel green speed shorts swiftly ls
The Space Dye Fuel Green Swiftly LS and Fuel Green Manifesto Speed Shorts.

lululemon clip in tank
The Black Clip in Tank and Rocky Road/Toothpaste Free to Be Wild bra. I tried this tank on at the store on Friday but didn't love it on me. It's very flowy and cool when not tied up but I don't feel comfortable with an open lower back. Also, I wasn't able to tie it up in a way that looked cute in both the back and front but, then again, I am a bit challenged that way. I struggle with making my Vinyasas not look ridiculous, too. ;-)

lululemon anytime skirt refresher-racer-tank
Going Grape Refresher Racer Tank, Anytime Skirt, and Two Times a Yogi Bag.

lululemon brisky-biker-jacket twisted-bliss-toque
Brisky Biker Jacket and Twisted Bliss Toque.

The Sweater the Better in Heathered Medium Gray. I know it's been out for awhile but the sweater looks so cute on this woman. I really like the two I bought but I see they are still fully in stock on the website. I assume that means they'll be headed to WMTM before too long.

Mail Day - Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Unders, Coco Pique Forme, and Turn Around Tights

lululemon space dye jacquard wunder-under-pants
Compared to Black Herringbone WUPs.

lululemon space dye jacquard wunder under pants
Compared to Coco Pique WUPs.

lululemon pique wunder under pants
Showing the difference in length to Black Herringbone WUPs.

lululemon fabric tag
Fabric content of the diamond jacquard wups.

A reader commented she found the new Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Pants shorter and smaller than her other Wunder Under Pants. I laid the new WUPs on top of Black Herringbone and Coco Pique to compare. These are all the same size. I think the Diamond Jacquard SD are a little smaller but not worth sizing up. 

My yummy warm textured pants collection- if only the weather would get cooler. Left to right: Mini Check Pique Skinny Wills (last year), Black Herringbone WUPs (this year), Coco Pique WUPS (last year), and Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Wunder Under Pants (this year).

The new Diamond Jacquard Space Dye are wonderfully thick and totally opaque. If you like warm textured Wunder Unders you should get these.

I was debating returning the Coco Pique Forme since I already have the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS and the Mini Check Pique Forme but I really like it. The Coco Pique has a bolder pattern that I like even better than the mini check and it looks sharp with black bottoms.

I also ordered the Heathered Black Turn Around tights but I'm pretty sure I'm going to return them for a pair of Base Runner pants. The Turn Arounds are nice but a bit lighter weight than I thought. They are also on the thinner side, so kind of too warm to run in in my climate but not warm enough to use to sit on the sidelines of soccer games on cold days.

I ended up returning the Free to Be Wild bras I ordered last week and getting the Heathered Fuel Green Swiftly LS instead.

More Base Runner Pant Photos, Atman Pants, Black Turn Around Tights and More

lululemon base runner pant swiftly
The Herringbone Base Runner pant and Space Dye Heathered Atomic Red Swiftly

lululemon base runner pant herringbone

lululemon base runner pant pockets

lululemon base runner pant

lululemon base runner herringbone pant

Herringbone Base Runner Pant with the Out of this World LS and Swiftly LS top.

lululemon-baserunner pant
Black Base Runner Pants and the new Blue Swiftly. People have said this swiftly is very close to Pigment blue.

lululemon atman pant fuel green

lululemon fuel green atman pant

lululemon fuel green atman pant
Fuel Green Atman Pants and Love Tee. I tried the Atman pant on yesterday and liked them but not enough for $108. I think she must have them sized down in this photo. It also looks like she has doubled the waist over, too. I also tried on the love tee and liked it a lot but my store only had it in white, gray, and black and white striped.

lululemon anytime dress bordeaux

bordeaux lululemon-anytime dress

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon black out of this world dress

lululemon turn around tight

lululemon pigment swiftly turn-around-tight

lululemon turn around tight black

lululemon turn around tight black

The Heathered Black Turn Around Tights and new blue Swiftly LS. I got my Turn Around Tights yesterday but I'm 90% sure I will be returning them in favor of another pair of Base Runner Pants.

Wheezy Check Berry Yum Yum Pace Setter Skirt on the right.

Rocky Road Journey Crops and Purple Fog Twist N Turn Tank.