Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ivivva Village Chill Scarf vs. Lululemon Vinyasa

ivivva village chill scarf jacquard plum

ivivva village chill scarf space dye plum

A few people in our lulu Facebook group recommended getting the Ivivva Village Chill Scarf in Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Plum since it's a pretty color and more manageable size than a Vinyasa. It's also a thicker textured rulu/pique-type fabric, so very cozy. I got mine yesterday and have a few photos for you. I laid it out on top of a lululemon Coco Pique Vinyasa so you can see the size difference.

ivivva plum jacquard village chill scarf

ivivva plum jacquard scarf

ivivva village chill plum jacuqard fabric
Some photos of the print close up. This scarf has unfinished edges.

lululemon vinyasa ivivva village chill
Compared to a Vinyasa, folded in half.

lululemon vinyasa ivivva village chill scarf
Vinyasa to Village Chill, full length of the scarves. The Village Chill does not have the loop tab on it.

I found the material thick and soft but a bit stiff compared to my coco pique or mini check pique Vinyasas. Size-wise it's similar to a neck warmer. I liked it but I prefer the Vinyasa so I am going to give the Village Chill to my little niece for her Christmas present.