Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Upload! (Checkout Hell!)

lululemon free to be wild bra grape

lululemon grape free to be wild bra
I was going to write a very scathing post about the horror show that was the upload check out but it turns out I am now getting two FTBW bras.  I got stuck in order processing spinning wheel hell. After you hit Complete My Order too many times apparently you get this useless message, even though all my information was fully populated.

lululemon error message

I never got an order confirmation screen but when I checked my email it shows two of my order attempts went through.


Anyway, enough whining, back to the upload:

lululemon coco pique forme jacket
A Coco Pique Forme jacket exists after all! Only Canada got this. I hope this is coming to the US next week. I will be on the hunt for it and I hope the website is fixed by next week.

lululemon rocky road forme jacket
Canada also got a Rocky Road print Forme.

lululemon deep coal forme jacket
It turns out that Heathered gray Forme is Heathered Deep Coal. This was also a Canada-only item.

lululemon long and short of it jacket
Meanwhile, the US got this beauty - the Long and Short of It Jacket.

lululemon torque tank

lululemon torque tank back
And we both got this bizarre tank - the Torque tank - with pre-twisted seams. Awesome.

lululemon atman pant
We also got these interesting practice cotton pants - the Atman pant.

lululemon race your pace coco pique

lululemon race your pace fuel green
On the bright side, two cute new colors in the Race Your Pace Half Zip were uploaded. I am tempted to try the Black/Pique to see if the forearm seams are as irritating in this as they were in the other version I tried on.

lululemon fuel green wunder under crop
Reversible Fuel Green Wunder Under Crops - US only.

lululemon rugged blue turn around tight
Heathered Rugged Blue Turn Around Tight - US

lululemon black grape wunder under pant luon
Black Grape luon Wunder Under Pant - Canada

lululemon wheezy check berry yum yum pace setter skirt
Wheezy Check Berry Yum Yum Pace Setter skirt - Canada.

Black Grape DSPs - Canada

Fuel Green Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant

Did you [try to] order anything? 

Rocky Road Pace Setter Skirt, Heart Opener Scarves, Happy Yogi Hand Warmer, and More

lululemon heathered slate forme jacket

lululemon heathered slate forme jacket
Rats! The new Forme is not herringbone or coco pique. It looks either Heathered Slate or Deep Coal to me. Also shown in the top photo is a Rocky Road Pace Setter skirt.

lululemon bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf
Bundle Up Scarf

lululemon wrap-it-up-sweater bundle up scarf

lululemon bundle up scarf berry yum yum
The new Heart Opener and Bundle Up Scarves. Shown with the Wrap It Up Sweater and Bhakti Yoga Jacket.

lululemon coco pique vinyasa scarf
Coco Pique Vinyasa

lululemon happy yogi hand warmer

lululemon happy yogi hand warmer

lululemon happy-yogi-hand-warmer twisted-bliss-ear-warmer bundle-up-scarf
New Happy Yogi Hand Warmer. Also shown in the bottom photo is the Wrap It Up sweater, Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer, and Bundle Up Scarf.

lululemon twisteed bliss ear warmer

lululemon twisted bliss ear warmer fuel
Twisted Bliss Ear Warmers

lululemon black grape speed tight
Black Grape Speed Tights

lululemon anytime dress

lululemon black anytime dress
Anytime Dress

lululemon love tee tech mesh tight

lululemon love tees
Love Tees

Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer and More

lululemon coco pique skinny groove pant
Coco Pique Skinny Wills. My Coco Pique Wunder Under Pants have to be my favorite cool weather item.

lululemon wrap it up sweater gray

lululemon gray wrap it up sweater
A couple more photos of the Wrap It Up Tank.

lululemon twisted bliss ear warmer
Twisted Bliss Ear Warmer.

lululemon run with me toque
The Run With Me Toque.

Black Grape Wrap It Up Sweater, Twist N Turn Tank, Free to Be Wild Bra, and More

lululemon black grape wrap it up sweater

lululemon black grape wrap it up sweater pocket

lululemon wrap it up sweater black-grape
Photos of the Black Grape Wrap It Up Sweater. It's made of merino wool and is $168.

lululemon twist n turn tank

lululemon twist n turn tank

lululemon twist n turn tank fuel green
More Twist N Turn Tank photos.

lululemon hyperstripe free to be wild bra
Free to Be Wild Bra photos.

lululemon fuel green race your pace ls

luluemon fuel green race your pace ls

lululemon race your pace ls back view

lululemon race your pace pocket

lululemon rebel runner crop

lululemon race your pace sleeve

lululemon race your pace ls back

lululemon black grape rebel runner croo

lululemon rebel runner ankle zip
Fuel Green Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS and Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops. I got my black coco pique Race Your Pace on Friday and really like it. I saw the fuel green RYP LS in the store yesterday but didn't love it as much as the solid coco pique. I really wish it was solid fuel green. However, if it goes on markdown I might get it. I had also ordered the heathered fuel green Swiftly tank last week and returned that. There was too much white in the pattern so it didn't look very green in real life. I think I would like a the heathered fuel green swiftly better in a long sleeve version.

I also got to try on the new Weekend LS tee and really like the fabric. However, the dropped sleeve made the top rather boxy up top and I had excess fabric in the armpits/upper chest. If you have big lats/shoulders you might want to take a look at this top.