Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jacket, Anytime Dresses, and Some Try On Comments/Photos

lululemon fuel green fleecy keen jacket
Fuel Green and Black Fleecy Keen Jackets. I was hoping to see the green one today but my store did not have it.

lululemon anytime dress
Anytime Dresses

lululemon lusche telemark wunder under pant

lululemon lusche telemark wunder under pant

lululemon lusche telemark radiant ls

lululemon radiant ls tag
Radiant LS tag

lululemon radiant ls button
Radiant LS side fastener button.

lululemon lusche telemark print
Close up of the Lusche Telemark Print

lululemon lusche telemark print inside
The back of the Lusche Telemark print is white.
I saw both these pieces in the store today - the Radiant LS and the Lusche Telemark Wunder Under Pants. I really liked the Radiant LS, particularly in the Bordeaux and nearly bought it. I restrained myself because I want to get the Coco Pique Race Your Pace LS.  I thought the fit was TTS. If you have thinner arms you can probably size down since the body is very drapey. I liked it best with the little side button undone so you can have the neck be more open and show off the tank or bra you are wearing underneath.

I also saw the Lusche Telemark Wunder Under Pants. I was hoping that the print would be more special, more lulu-esque and less Nike-ish in person but it wasn't. The back of the print is white so this is one that will "fade" with stretch. I thought the fabric felt on the thin side as far as fullux goes. They were nicely opaque though.

lululemon purple fog swiftly black-grape-rebel-runner-crops

lululemon black grape rebel runner crop tag
Black Grape Rebel Runner Fabric Content

Purple Fog Swiftly LS and Black Grape Rebel Runner Crops - I love this combo. My store got three colors of the Rebel Runners in - the Bordeaux, Black Grape, and the Gray. I tried on the Black Grape and they were nicely opaque.

I also tried on the Om and Roam pullover in Rust Berry and found it super soft. It runs big so I think you can size down in it. I tried on the Seek the Heat tank - I was surprised to see it went to a 12 for such a skimpy tank. The bra has slightly less coverage than the Free to Be bra so it's not going to work well if you are much bigger than a C. For having a ton of straps across my back it was surprisingly comfortable. It shows more skin than I am comfortable with but if you need something light and airy for hot yoga you should check out this tank. I also tried on the plain black Shine Dot Power Y and really liked it. The Shine Dot luon is extra thick. I was tempted to get it but I hardly ever wear Power Ys. I tried on the Swea-er the Better and thought it was very soft and not at all itchy. As people have mentioned it is very heavy. I also thought it ran large. I tried on the Shine Dot Straight To Class pants and liked them. They definitely run on the large size and you should be able to size down in them. They ended right at my ankles.

I ended up exchanging the two Sweater the Betters I ordered for the next size down. The gray one definitely hangs longer than the Black and Bordeaux. I laid the two colors out on the floor and the lengths were very similar so I'm not sure if the gray is a touch longer or the material is just stretchier in that color.  I also returned the Bark Cotton Roll Down WUPS and the Inkwell/Black Pique WUPS. I liked the Bark pants a lot but I don't really need them. I suspect there will be other bottoms coming along that I will like better.