Saturday, September 27, 2014

Are Runder Unders Coming Back? (Update - Nope!)

lululemon pique runder under pants

lululemon pique runder under pant
UPDATE - These pants are older. :' (

A hat tip to Lulumum for noticing the zipper in the back of these pique bottoms.  A back zip pocket makes me speculate these might be a return of the Runder Under tights. I recall them coming out in Herringbone before but not pique. I guess we'll find out. They were very popular and a big favorite with cold weather runners when they came out a couple of years ago.

Update - I played with the contrast so we could get a good idea of the zipper pocket. They do look similar to the waistband of the Runder Unders.

2nd Update - Reader Lindsay says Runder Unders did come out in pique so there is a chance these might be older pants and not something new. :( But I'm crossing my fingers they are new.

lululemon herringbone runder under pant

lululemon runder under pant
Herringbone Wunder Under Pants

Biggy Dot Track To Reality Pant Coming? - Update - They are Departure Pants.

lululemon track to reality pant biggy dot
From lululemon's Instagram 
This lululemon Instagram photo has stirred some chatter on the boards. At first I thought the pants might be the Diamond Dot Yogini Trouser Pants but after looking closer I think they are Biggy Dot Track to Reality Pants. Biggy Dot print Speed shorts just came out this week and the Track to Reality Pants have a seam down the front of the leg. Update - It turns out these are upcoming Departure Pants (thanks to a reader for the tip).

lululemon biggy dot speed shorts
Biggy Dot Speed Shorts

lululemon track to reality pant
Track to Reality Pant

Color Comparison: Almost Pear Vs. Antidote, Split Pea, and Zippy Green

lululemon almost pear antidote split pea zippy green
Taken in natural, afternoon light.
A reader asked for a comparison of Almost Pear to Antidote so I dug out my chartreuse lululemon items to take some photos. From top left, going clockwise: Zippy Green Energy Bra, Triplet Twin Stripe Cool Racerback with Almost Pear Stripes, Heathered Split Pea Cool Racerback underneath the striped CRB, and an Antidote Bangbuster on the left. 

Before I did this I could have sworn that Almost Pear was a dupe for Antidote but it looks closer to Split Pea.

lululemon almost pear zippy green antidote
Taken in natural, afternoon light.
Split Pea CRB underneath everything, Zippy Green Energy Bra at the top of the photo, Antidote Bangbuster on the right side and Almost Pear striped CRB in the center.

lululemon almost pear split pea cool racerback
Taken in fluorescent light.
 This photo was taken in the fluorescent light of my laundry room. Split Pea CRB on the left, Almost Pear in the center, and Antidote on the right.

Almost Pear Swiftly Tank, Rocky Road Tracker II Short, Citta Knit Pant, and More

lululemon almost pear swiftly tank
Tonka Stripe Heathered Almost Pear Swiftly Crewneck Tank. I hope this is coming in the regular Swiftlys, too. It looks more opaque than the typical yellow swiftlys we've seen. It's a such a great color for max visibility plus I am a sucker for the anything chartreuse.

lululemon rocky road tracker ii short

Shown on the lululemon blog site - a pair of Rocky Road Tracker II shorts. Also shown is a Rust Berry Om and Roam Pullover.

lululemon petal camo go the distance short
Petal Camo Go the Distance Short

lululemon petal camo inspire crop
Petal Camo Purple Fog Rebel Runner Jacket and Embossed Petal Camo Inspire Crops.

lululemon om tee citta pant

lululemon citta pant om tee

lululemon citta pant seek the heat bra

lululemon citta pant seek the heat bra
Citta Knit Pant with an Om Tee and the Seek the Heat Bra in Purple Fog.

lululemon fuel green right as rain jacket

lululemon fuel green right as rain jacket

lululemon fuel green right as rain jacket
Fuel Green Right as Rain Jacket and Black Herringbone Wunder Under Crops.

lululemon go the distance short

lululemon go the distance short

lululemon go the distance short
Go the Distance Shorts and Bumble Berry Swiftly Crewneck SS Tee.

lululemon petal camo speed tight
Bumble Berry Run Away Tee, Petal Camo Inspire Tights, and the Hyper Stripe Black LS Swiftly.

lululemon rocky road wunder under pant
Layer Me LS and Rocky Road Wunder Under Pants. These pants look pretty cute in all the photos so far. I am dying to try them on.

lululemon inky floral tracker ii short
Rebel Runner Vest with Rust Berry LS Swiftly and Inky Floral Speed Shorts

lululemon bordeaux ebb to street pant

lululemon rebel runner vest white
Rebel Runner With Rust Berry Swiftly and Bordeaux Ebb to Street Pant

lululemon wee stripe pace tight
 Rebel Runner Vest with Wee Stripe Pace Tights

lululemon illumina crop
Rebel Runner Vest with Bordeaux Illumina Crops

lululemon purple fog rebel runner jacket
lululemon purple fog rebel runner jacket

lululemon purple fog rebel runner
 Some nice close ups of the Purple Fog Rebel Runner Jacket.

lululemon seek the heat tank bordeaux
Breathe In Tank and Seek the Heat Crops

Flaming Tomato Yama Check Pace Setter Skirt In the US

lululemon yama check flaming tomato pace setter skirt
The Flaming Tomato Yama Check Pace Setter Skirt has hit US lululemon stores. Shown with the Tonka Stripe Almost Pear Swiftly Tank and a black Spring Forward Jacket.

lululemon pine stripe forme
Pine Stripe Mojave Inkwell denim Forme Jacket. Shown with the Om Tee and Bordeaux In the Flow Crops.

lululemon rebel runner vest seek the heat crop
Petal Camo Rebel Runner Vest and Seek the Heat Crop

lululemon spring forward jacket reflective
Showing the reflectivity of the Spring Forward Jacket. Also shown is the Rebel Runner Vest and Plush Petal Here to There Tank.