Friday, September 12, 2014

Shine Dot Bordeaux Astro Wunder Under Crops, Ebb and Flow Tank, Power Up Tank, and More

 New Bordeaux Shine Dot Astro Wunder Under crops.

Bordeaux Track to Reality Pant and Heathered Slate Race Your Pace Half Zip.

Wee Stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip and Hop to It Crops

Bumble Berry / Black Ebb and Flow Tank

Sashico Star Power Up Tank

Bordeaux Inky Floral Rebel Runner Crops

lululemon bordeaux inky floral rebel runner crops

Photos of the new Inky Floral Embossed Bordeaux Rebel Runner Crops. Shown with the Wee Stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip.

Petal Camo Inspire Crops, Rebel Runner Crops, and More (Updated)

Update: Check it out - Petal Camo Inspire Crops. Even better than Wunder Under Crops. I think these are Petal Camo Wunder Under crops. I'm thinking these are full on luon with an embossed print but I suppose they could be fullux. They look kind of matte for fullux, though.  I'll update once I know more.

The Rebel Runner crops have hit the store. My second Bordeaux order went through and mine are due to day. I'll post photos when they arrive.

Track to Reality Pant

Power Up Tank

The Bordeaux and Heathered Slate Bhakti Jacket

Britt's Picks

Darn, that is not a Bumble Berry Forme. It looks like Flaming Tomato (what a name, lol). And what is going on to the left of that Forme? Bwahahaha.