Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mauvelous Run for Gold Half Zip, Dottie Mum Speeds, Plush Petal Wunder Under Pants, and More

I had no idea the full name of the striped Race Your Pace LS was Triplet Twin Stripe Berry Yum Yum (!)  Heathered Slate, lol. I assume the purple is the Berry Yum Yum color because the similar striped Cool Racerback is Triplet Twin Stripe Mauvelous Heathered Slate. Shown with the Gin Gin Gingham Mauvelous speed shorts. I really love this fun palette.

Dottie Mum Deep Coal Mauvelous Speeds, Mauvelous Run for Gold Half Zip, and the Heathered Ghost Run Away Tee.

Purple Fog Miss Misty Pullover and the Triplet Twin Stripe Race Your Pace LS.

From Australia - Plush Petal Deep Coal Ghost Wunder Under Pant, Bumble Berry Ebb to Street Tank, and H'om Run Jacket.

Heathered Bumble Berry Flow Y

Rain Runner Jacket, Race Your Pace LS, Pace Tight, Gym to Win bag.

Petal Camo Speed Tights and Rugged Blue Swiftly LS

Wee Stripe Black Race Your Pace LS

Petal Camo Speed Tights, Mauvelous Race Your Pace, and More

 I really love those Petal Camo Speed tights. If only my climate was cool enough to justify them. Shown with a Purple Fog 105F Singlet and Hyperstripe Mauvelous/Heathered Black Race Your Pace Half Zip.

Power Up Tank and Illumina Crop

Marshmallow stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip. My Race with Grace Half Zip has that double zipper on the chest and I really like that feature. You can adjust how big an opening you want at your chest and throat.

More Race Your Pace Half Zip photos.

Runaway Tee