Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Race Your Pace Half Zip, Rugged Blue Ebb and Flow Racerback, Go the Distance Shorts, and More

Heathered Slate Race Your Pace Half Zip and the Dottie Mum Go the Distance Shorts.

Another shot of the Heathered Slate Race Your Pace Half Zip.

Heathered Slate Race Your Pace Half Zip and Petal Camo Speed Tight

Marshmallow Stripe Race Your Pace Half Zip and Speed Tights.

Rugged Blue with Black edging Ebb and Flow Racerback

Dottie Mum/Mauvelous Go the Distance Shorts

Shown with Heathered Slate Speed Shorts

The Purple Fog Miss Misty Pullover

First Base Tank and Hop To It Crops

Bold Stripe Mauvelous First Base Tank with Speed Shorts, Track to Reality Pants, and Pace Tights. The more I see this tank, the more I want it.

Runaway Tee and Go the Distance Short

Purple Fog 105F Singlet

Sattva II pants.

Sea Wheeze Scramble!!

Were you able to get in this morning? I thought I was fast-selling race registration hardened by all my Disney sign up experiences. After all, I got into the Star Wars Rebel Challenge - which sold out in around 9 minutes for annual passholders (28 minutes for general public) but I think the 2015 Sea Wheeze went even faster. If you didn't get onto the site by 10:05 am you seemed to get stuck in waiting room hell and messages like this started popping up around 10:17 am:

However, if you didn't take no for an answer and kept refreshing you may have met with success when people's registration slots timed out (which is not really how a waiting room should have worked). I read a number of reports of people persistently hitting refresh that were able to sign up around 10:20, 10:27, 10:30 ish.

The sold out banner went up around 10:35 am this morning. 

My sister and I were able to maintain our legacy status and will be going for a four-peat on the Sea Wheeze. I lucked out and got in right away without having to hang out in the waiting room - I got my confirmation email at 10:02 am. My sister had to wait a couple of minutes in the waiting room but successfully registered. However, we were really sweating registering my niece. Both my sister and I got stuck in the waiting room and never got out. A very nice friend was able to register my niece for us (thanks, Ms. N.!) so she is set for her third Sea Wheeze. We also made sure to book our hotel rooms since we knew the Sea Wheeze partner hotels would go fast. Except for flights, I am good to go again for 2016.

All in all, it was a stressfully exhilarating morning (or maybe more like exhilaratingly stressful). (Crossing my fingers for a legacy registration program for 2016. ;-)  )

Were you able to successfully register?