Wednesday, August 20, 2014

High Neck Swiftly Tank, Rust Berry Miss Misty, More

Hmm, I like the high-necked Swiftly on this woman. Shown in Angel Blue.

Photos of the new Rust Berry Miss Misty Jacket. This is such a pretty color.

Worn with the Om Tank. Not sure about the bra but I'd guess an Energy bra.

Photos of the Inkwell/Black Denim Skinny Will Pants. Also shown are the Sashico Wunder Under Pants.

From Australia, Heathered Blue Calm Cool Racerback and Bumble Berry Wunder Under crops.

The Great Granite Blazer Vest.

Fuel Green Wunder Under Pants (?) and Blazer Vest (UPDATED)

The Blazer Vest in Great Granite.

Anyone know what these pants are? They are Fuel Green but aren't Shine Tights. I would guess a luon Wunder Under Pant. Update - readers point out this could be a Black Wee Stripe. My computer monitor is reading these as a green tone but they totally could be black wee stripe.

2nd Update - the ed wearing this pants has commented in - they are wee stripe Wunder Under pants. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up.

A Rust Berry Miss Misty Pullover was stealth-uploaded to the Canadian website today.