Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fullux Bordeaux Crop

Am I loosing it or are those Bordeaux crops something new? The Illuminas have thigh pockets and reflective banding around the leg opening and the In the Flows are more heathered looking. I think these are new but I am not sure. Shown with the Miss Misty Pullovers and Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

Update - these are the Bordeaux Full On Luxtreme (fullux) Wunder Under crops. They sold out quickly on the website. That explains why I thought I had seen them before but couldn't find them. Thanks to the readers who filled me in.

Bordeaux Sweater Life Sweater. Shown with the Floral Platoon Wunder Under Pants and Denim Wunder Under Pants. Also shown is the Miss Misty Pullover with Denim Wunder Under pants.

Comfy couch clothes - Yogini 5 Year LS and Happy Yin Year sweat pant. She makes me want this outfit.