Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chilly Chill Vest Photos

Photos of the Chilly Chill vest that is in Australia. I don't need a vest for my climate but I really like the Ghost/Black Inky Foral print.

$108 Wunder Under Grooves and Skinny Grooves? WTF!

What the heck is going on with the pricing - $108 for Wunder Under Grooves and Skinny Grooves? Yet other full length pants are $92-98. This makes no sense. I'm hoping it's an error. (Thanks to the reader who brought this to my attention.)

Update - so it seems like this is not an error. A friend informs me these pants are priced at $108 in the stores, too.


Miss Misty Pullover - goes only to a size 10 in North America

On the Run Singlet

Quilted Bangbuster

Run for Gold Half Zip

Run for Gold LS
Canada got a Herringbone rulu Vinyasa scarf (that sold out in minutes)
Comfy Free Fall crops are back in practice cotton.

Nothing for me this week. I was hoping to see the Inky Floral Tracker II shorts but they didn't show up. The Miss Misty Pullover only goes to a size ten in North America, which is annoying since Australia got it up to a twelve. The Run for Gold tops look like they have silverescent circle mesh panels instead of regular circle mesh. I love the one top I have made from that material - so light and breathable - so it's exciting to see it back. I want to try the Run for Golds on in a store. I would have ordered the On the Run Singlet in heartbeat - if it were about six to eight inches longer.

Did you get anything?

Wrappers Delight Tank and More

 Bumble Berry Wrappers Delight tank.

 Bumble Berry, Rugged Blue Diamond Dot, and Inky Floral Speed Shorts.

Miss Misty Pullover photos.

Bordeaux striped Cool Racerback.

Heathered Black Stride

Spiced Pumpkin Sweather Life and Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pant