Friday, August 8, 2014

Bumble Berry Wunder Under Crops are in Canada, Inkwell/Heathered Slate Cool Racerback, More Britt's Picks, and More

It looks like the Bumble Berry Wunder Under crops are in Canada. This is from a Quebec store. Shown with the Exhalation Pullover and gray The Sweater Life.

The new Inkwell/Heathered Slate striped Cool Racerback. Shown with Happy Yin Year sweatpants.

 The Inkwell/Rugged Blue Saschico Star Print Wunder Under crops.

The latest All Sports bras. These are now going to be sold in stores instead of just online.

Jeweled Magenta 105F Singlet and the Inky Floral Inkwell Free to Be bra.

More Free to Be bras.

With the Studio Jacket
With the Exhalation Pullover

Om Tanks.

The newest Scubas.

I got my Flat Inky Floral Scuba today. I thought the fit was TTS. It's not as super soft as the Fatigue scuba I bought a couple of months ago but it's very pretty. I am leaning towards keeping it since it ticks a few of my favorite things - a floral print and dark enough to hide dirt.

With Inkwell DSPs

With Cadet DSCs
I had a hard time capturing the color well but the above two photos give you an idea how the jacket looks against Inkwell and Cadet.

New Fly Away Tamers

Britt added a couple of new items to her picks. I'm thinking the Wrapper's Delight looks like it's made of luxtreme but I suppose the bottom portion could be Swift.