Friday, August 1, 2014

Bordeaux Drama In the Flow Crops and More

I really want these Bordeaux In the Flows and I'm not even a huge fan of the seamless material (I find it hot and don't care for the texture that much). Great Granite Power Y also shown.

Shown with a LS Tie Dye Swiflty.

Great Granite Flow Y and 105F Singlet.

Shown with the Jeweled Magenta Easy Breath bra.
More In the Flow photos in Bordeaux, Jeweled Magenta, and Rugged Blue.

The Diamond Dot Bordeaux Drama Wunder Under Pants. A reader commented in her store pulled them from the shelves for being sheer - are other people finding this to be true? I've seen some try on photos where I can see underwear through the pants, though they are colored and not nude. Based on what I've seen so far you might be able to get away with nude undies, if you love these that much.

With definition like this she is totally 'Killinit'.

With Breathe Easy crops.
Shown with matching Great Granite Flow Y and Speed Shorts.

More Muscle Hustle Tee photos. The Killinit one is a hit.

Tie Dye Swiftly.

Heathered Slate Wunder Under Pants.

Britt's Picks

Britt's Picks for next week. That blue DSJ looks more like Inkwell than Cadet to me. The sweater looks cute and I love the color. The new bag has potential and the stripe pattern is not doing it for me in the bra.