Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops, Great Granite Forme Jacket, and More

Jeweled Magent In the Flow Crops and Great Granite Power Y

Great Granite Forme Jacket, Bangbuster, and Wunder Under Crops. Shown with the Sport Tee and Breathe Easy Pant.

Steep Stripe Angel Wing/Black and Great Granite Power Ys

Define Bra and Roll Down Wunder Unders

Meesh Bra

Mojave Tan Rolling With My Omies Jacket

Open Your Heart Tank on a bustier woman. I tried this on last week and it works well for larger busted women. The support is very low. I thought the fit was TTS.

Bordeaux Drama is Back!

Just appeared in my newsfeed - In the Flow crops in Heathered Bordeaux Drama. So happy, one of my favorite colors is back. Also shown is a long sleeve Tie Dye Swiftly and a Great Granite Power Y. (These photos are from a US store.)

Over the weekend, I put up some photos of Great Granite/Mojave Tan against some other colors and it played against Bordeaux Drama really well. That Mojave Tan Tonka Stripe Forme is looking more and more temping.

Mojave Tan Superstripe Skinny Groove Pants

A nice series of photos with the Mojave Tan/Black Superstripe Skinny Groove Pants, Jeweled Magenta Energy Bra, and Lab Edge Tee.

I really like Great Granite in a Scuba. I'm holding fast so far on ordering it.

A couple more Unity Pullover photos.