Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rolling With My Omies Hoodie

Some more photos of the Rolling With My Omies Hoodie. The Sweet Spot one is pretty cute and the back zipper isn't too visible against the black fabric.

More photos of the new Scubas.

Upload!!! (Finally, lol!)

Jeweled Magenta In the Flow crops

Burlap print/Cayman Stripe Energy Bra - very tempted by this

Douchey "Killinit" Muscle Hustle Tee

So tempted to order the Tonka Stripe Black Mojave Tan
'Sup Hat
Savasana Wrap - selling quickly on the Canadian side

A couple of things tempted me today,  the Burlap Energy bra - I really like the burlap print in a bra and the Tonka Striped Forme Jacket. I ended up ordering the black camo 'Sup hat again since I lost mine a couple of months ago.

What did you order?

UK Head's Up - Cycling Kits are Out

The Specialized cycling kits were uploaded to the UK website. I would think that means they'll be coming here soon.

Men's kit.

Two other items we'll probably see today - Great Granite Forme and No Limits tank.

NEW! Great Granite Forme, Easy Breath Bra, and More

Two new Formes are out - one in a Mojave/Black stripe and a new Great Granite print. Also shown are the new Easy Breath Bras.

A few more Easy Breath bra photos. Also shown are Breathe Easy Pants, Meesh Tee, Lab Night Tight, and the Lab Edge Tee. It looks like the Easy Breath Bra is only coming in straight 4-6-8 sizes and no cup sizes like the Lift and Separate. There is no text on the UK website, where is was uploaded already, to indicate what cup size it's geared for.

The Jeweled Magenta Scuba has made its way to North America. Shown with the Telemark Angel Wing/Mojave Tan, Burlap Print, and Great Granite Scubas.

Shown with Super Stripe Skinny Grooves
Rolling with my Omies Jacket.

Unity Pullover with the Easy Breath Bra.

Unity Pullover photos.

The Great Granite Power Y is edged in heathered black, I think.