Saturday, July 12, 2014

Today's Shopping Trip - Noir Line Photos & Criss Cross Headband

I was able to see and try on some of the Noir line today. My local store had the jacket, bra, a few pants in only a couple of sizes, and the dress. Though I take a ten in Energy bras, this bra does not have deep enough cups for me (DD) and the straps were super stretchy so it was a no-go. I would say this is probably good up to a C-cup. Fit was TTS.

Front view

Rear view

The logo is at the very bottom of the dress so if you have this hemmed you will lose it.

Both side seams have ribbed panels.

The Noir Dress was actually not as bad as I thought it would be in term of revealing lumps and bumps. I think it fit TTS.

I wasn't able to try the pants on since they only had a handful of size fours and sixes. The pants are made of Swift. The rest of the line is supposed to arrive Tuesday. I didn't bother with the jacket since it doesn't appeal to me at all.

It criss crosses throughout the whole thing
Has a lulu "charm" in the back.
 I was excited to try out the new Criss Cross headband since it reminds me of my older Dance Headbands. I found these to fit snugger than those and the new Charming Braid headband. Since tight headbands break my hair off I left this one at the store but it is very cute.

I tried on the Yogi Cut Off Tank. Ugh, such a masculine tank (and not in a cute boyfriend-way) that does nothing for you. If you want to quell unwanted male attention at the gym then this is probably the tank for you. You can size down in this one.

I also tried on the Om Tank and was meh on it. The straps are a bit long on me. It fit me a bit snug in the chest so I would stay TTS in it to get that over sized look.

I ended up leaving with the Fatigue Camo Energy bra.

Pineapple Print Cool Racerback

A Canadian store finally posted a photo of the new Pineapple Cool Racerback. It's paired with print Wunder Unders. People are poo-pooing it but I actually like the tank.

Mojave Tan Super Stripe Wunder Unders, Pineapple Cool Racerback, and More

The new Denim Luon Super Stripe Mojave Tan/Black Wunder Under Pant. Also shown is the Yogi Cut Off Tank.

Close up of the new Pineapple Cool Racerback. You can see in this photo the print is made up of tiny bits of Flowabunga Multi print pieces. (Thanks to Ms. E. for the top photo and Ms. B. for the bottom photo.)

New heathered Medium Gray stripe No Limit tank. Shown with In the Flow crops.

Mojave Tan Studio Pants and black Om Tank.

The new pink Chai Time that is in Australia.

Shown with a Sheer Lemon bra.

Shown with Serenity Shorts

Bleached Coral Run Times Shorts

Om Tank Photos.

Sheer Lemon No Limit Tank, Swiftly Tank, and Cool Racerback.

Side note - the media seems to be having a lot of fun with the Runsie. Some choice quotes from this Fittish Deadspin article:

"The Runsie is basically hideous outerwear that requires purchasing additional products to actually be able to use it. But, hey, it has a secret stash pocket for your keys! Or antidepressants!"

"We made this easy onesie to keep us cool and collected when we're pounding the pavement," Lululemon's copy gurus write. Then why make it in black, long known for its heat-absorbtion? Or in the color above, which can only be described as the Ghost of Flowers Past?"

I am totally stealing that "Ghost of Flowers Past" line. It describes the print exactly - I always thought the print had a slightly creepy or sinister vibe, kind of like Dia del Muertos prints. Don't get me wrong the sinister aspect is why I like the print.

Photos of the Noir Line

Some photos of the new Noir Jacket, Bra, and Pant. The pants and bra don't look too bad to me. 

Photos of the Noir Dress.