Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sheer Lemon Tracker IIs and More of the Latest

Sheer Lemon Tracker II Shorts. Also shown are Cadet Pretty Palm, Wee Wheezy Plaid, and Bleached Coral.

Sheer Lemon Swiftly with the Wee Wheezy Plaid Tracker II Shorts. I tried these shorts on yesterday but I swear this is the same plaid pattern as last year's Sea Wheeze registration shorts and I didn't care for the baby pink/blue version. 

Jeweled Magenta Wee Space and Slate Reflect Dot Luxtreme Tamer Headband

Slate Mesh Bangbuster

Bruised Berry Groove Shorts

Bleached Coral and Wee Wheezy Speed Shorts

Bleached Coral Hustle and Bustle Tank and Dart and Dash Shorts

Run Crop Photos

 Aquamarine 105F (I think) Singlet and Flowabunga Multi Inspire Crops

Opal Cool Racerback and Flowabunga Inspires

Silver Hustle and Bustle tank and Flowabunga Multi Inspire Crops

Run a Marathon Crops, Inspire Crops, Up the Pace Crops

Swiftly SS and Camo Inspires
Black Stuff Your Bra tank and Camo Inspires

Opal CRB and Camo Inspires

Cadet Up the Pace Crops
Up the Pace Crops

First Wearing Report - Up the Pace Crop and Mesh Bangbuster (Both are Great)

I wore my Flowabunga Up the Pace crops for a three mile run at the gym today and was really happy with how they felt. They didn't slide down and the 19" inseam legs stayed in place. My other shorter crops, Pace Crops and Run For Your Life crops,  have 17" inseams that bunch up behind my knee as I run so I was very happy with the Up the Paces. Inspire crops are 2.5" longer (21.5") and always make me feel on the warmer side, particularly the all-luxtreme ones, so I liked having a little more bare calf in these crops. The mesh panel by the knee added a little patch of coolness. I was super happy with these and think I have a new favorite run crop. If you are in the market for run crops and find the Inspires too long for you definitely check out the Up Your Paces.

I had heard good things about the Circle Mesh Bangbuster so picked on of these up yesterday when I returned the Bruised Berry Cool Racerback I ordered last week (I already have the Faded Dot Embossed Bruised Berry CRB so didn't need another one). I wore the mesh Bangbuster for my run and found it nicely cool compared to a regular Bangbuster. Also, it didn't squeeze my head as much as regular luon Bangbusters do.

UK Site Heads Up

Jeweled Magenta Wee Space Cool Racerback

Jeweled Magenta In the Flow Crops

After Class Cardigan

Some new items were uploaded to the UK website. I saw the Jeweled Magenta Wee Space headband in the store yesterday and it's pretty but I think I am Wee Spaced out, as least as far as CRBs are concerned. I hope there is a solid Jeweled Magenta CRB coming, though.

Try On Report - Up The Pace Crop

Stuff Your Bra Tank and Cadet Up The Pace Crops.

The second photo of the Up The Pace (UTP) really sold me on them - I like the seaming along the backside and lack of seams down the back of the leg - so I was hoping my store had these to try on. I did buy the Inspires in this print before these came out, for some reason Inspires only go to a ten in this print and the Up The Pace go to a twelve. The reviews on the website of the Up The Paces are all highly positive so I was hoping I would like them. They are a couple of inches shorter 19" vs. 21.5" and have a mesh insert along the side of the calf. One of the things I like best about the Runday crops that came out last December is the fact you can unzip the calf to open up mesh panels. I really liked the UTP - they feel very substantially made  - and ended up buying them. The rise is mid rise and I thought the fit TTS and very comfortable. I haven't run in them yet - heading to the gym shortly - so will update after my run but wearing them around the house I can't see why they wouldn't be fine. They are made of fullux so nicely opaque. I tried on both the Sweetspot black and the Flowabunga print. I really like a shorter option to the Inspires so I hope these crops will be coming in more colors/prints.

Up the Pace, left, and Inspires on the right.

Up the Pace, left and Inspires on the right.
Up the Pace, left, and Inspires, right.

A comparison of the two styles of crops. I don't think either crop is more aesthetically pleasing over the other. I bought the Flowabunga Inspires in a size ten a couple of weeks ago but after having my thighs strangle a bit on a hot seven mile run as they swelled with the exercise I decided I really need a twelve. The positive reviews decided me on taking the hit and getting a pair of Up The Pace in my correct size. (Though, honestly, it doesn't take much for me to decide to try out a new style of comfy run crops. ;-)  )