Friday, July 4, 2014

Sheer Lemon Tracker II Shorts and More

Sheer Lemon Tracker II Shorts with matching Angel Wing Sweet Dot/Sheer Lemon Stuff Your Bra.

White Swiftly and Cadet Pretty Palm Dart and Dash Shorts

Cadet Pretty Palm Run a Marathon Crops and Cadet Steep Stripe Forme Jacket

Heathered Gray Swiftly Scoop Neck SS and Cadet Pretty Palm Wunder Under Crops.

Fatigue Camo Inspires, Cool Racerback and Hottie Hot Shorts

Flowabunga Dart and Dash Shorts

This outfit looks so cozy, I want to put my Mudra tank and Serenity Shorts on - Serenity Pant and Mudra tank.

Serenity Short, Next to Nothing Tank, and new Mesh Bangbuster. People are saying these fit looser and are much cooler than regular bangbusters. I'm curious to check these out in a store.

Gray Tencil Varsity shorts shown with the Rolling with My Omies tank. Can these two outfits contrast any worse? 

Zobha Review and $50 Giftcard Giveaway

Zobha Avery Tank in Phantom Heather

Ruched Capri

Those of you who are long time readers of my blog may remember that I have reviewed and talked about Zobha from time to time (see here and here for a couple of examples). I am a huge fan of their whisper-thin, seamless Yoga Boyshort panties. They are the only underwear I use for running (no chafing) and working out (no panty lines).

Zobha is one of the few yoga/activewear brands that has their own, distinctive vision. If you look through their website you'll see they offer tasteful, feminine designs that are not lululemon clones. I've really liked their materials, too, from the first time I tried them four years ago. They are the brand that has material that has come closest to (old) luon in weight and feel (especially softness), I've found. The quality is also very nice and my old tanks have not sueded or pilled. The colors are a bit more earthy, less neon, but very richly saturated. Zobha is one of the brands I tell people to look into when they ask for lululemon alternatives.

Zobha sent me a couple of new pieces to review and they are going to give away a $50 e-giftcard to my readers. The winner will be chosen at random from the comments and you can earn an entry by commenting and another by liking their Facebook page and commenting that you did that. You'll have to delurk a little bit and give yourself a name other than just plain 'anonymous' so I can tell people apart. Calling yourself 'Anonymous 1234' would be fine. I'll pick the winner next week on the 11th.

In addition, Zobha is having a 25% off everything sale today.

(click to enlarge) Turned inside out to show the built in bra construction.

Substantial cups are included.

Zobha sent me their Avery tank in Phantom Heather and a pair of Black Ruched Capris. I haven't tried a Zobha tank since I bought a couple of Classic Racerback tanks back in 2010. The Avery tank is a lighter weight tank, the write up says the body is lighter weight and the bra is regular weight. The lighter weight fabric felt very similar to the light luon used in Cool Racerbacks. I'm not sure how the other colors are but the Phantom Heather is super soft. As for sizing, I'd say it's TTS per their size chart which is not the same as lululemon.  When I first started buying Zobha they didn't have cup pockets and cups but now they do. The cups remind me of the old lululemon ones - thicker and stiffer and they actually look nearly identical to them except are a bit paler. The bra band is 1" elastic and the tank straps are wide enough that the tank gives decent support. The straps stayed on my shoulders and the tank is comfortable enough to wear all day. The Avery is a nice all-around yoga or gym tank.

Compared to a pair of Wunder Under Crops

The Ruched Capris were also super soft. I found the material a little more lightweight and not as compressive-feeling/stretchier-feeling than luon. They were decently opaque but I tend to have a problem with super soft/super stretchy materials in bottoms because I need the dimple-smoothing properties of a stiffer fabric like luon. As far as coverage (i.e., dimple smoothing) these weren't the best for me. I've bought other Zobha bottoms in the past that have stiffer/thicker fabric but it's hard to tell from the descriptions which bottoms use which fabric. They fit is really nice and the crops are very comfortable. I thought the fit was TTS to their size chart. I think these are nice crops for yoga, the gym, or casual wear but if you need help from your crops with smoothing out cellulite you might want to try bottoms with another fabric.

Don't forget to comment in for a giftcard entry. And don't forget about the big sale today.