Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yoga Cut Off Tee and More

The Yoga Cut Off Tee and Serenity Shorts in Earl Gray.

Fatigue Camo Wunder Under Crops and Flow Y bra.

Cadet Suff Your Bra tank and Pretty Palm Hotty Hot Shorts.

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank and Pretty Palm Wunder Unders.

Heathered Gray LS Swiftly Scoop Neck added to the above outfit.

Movement Jacket, Swiftly SS, and Cadet Embrace Crops
With the Blissed Out Wrap over everything.

I really like this series of photos on taken a curvier woman - someone with a little fuller bust and thighs than we normally see.

The white Refresher Racer tank and Flowabunga Hotty Hot shorts.

Opal Swiftly and Up Your Pace Crop

The new plaid Race to Place hat.

Serenity Hoodie and pant.

Alight Tank and Pretty Palm Wunder Under Pant

Wee Wheezy Check Speeds Out

(Thanks to a reader for the heads up) Wee Wheezy Check Bleached Coral/Cadet Blue Speeds are up on the Hong Kong site. These are the print the Race to Place run hat came out in last week, which surprisingly is still available on the US side of the website.

Beautiful Forest Gym Bag, Split Singlet, and More

Some stock lululemon website photos that tease us with a gorgeous Forest gym bag. I haven't been a big Forest fan so far but it's a stunner in a bag. I can't get a good look at the bag but I feel the shape might be familiar.

The new Split Singlet in Bleached Coral and matching Up Your Pace crops.

The heathered Forest Power Y is really speaking to me. So far it's only in Australia/New Zealand. Shown with black camo Wunder Under Pants.

The Still Shorty Shorts seem to be a hit. I think these are a gray but not Soot and the name is escaping me now. Shown with the Movement Hoodie and Seamlessly Plunge bra.

You'll have to click on this to make it bigger but it a Cadet Hotty hot Skirt and OpalStuff Your Bra Tank.
Cadet Stuff Your Bra Tank and Cadet Run a Marathon Crops

The Bleached Coral Stuff Your Bra Tank and Flowabunga Hotty Hot Skirt.

Curious Jungle Free to Be bra

Flowabunga Multi Stuff Your Bra and Up Your Pace Crops

I didn't realize how sheer the back panel on the Stuff Your Bra tank was.

The latest quilted Speed shorts and a Cadet Stuff Your Bra tank.

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank and Up Your Pace Crops

Chai Pullover, Arise Bra, and Print Wunder Under Crops.