Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Refresher Racer Tank, Still Shorty Shorts, and More

White Refresh Racer Tank. I really like the looks of this tank in the photos.

Trikonasana T and Black Still Shorty Shorts. Anyone have these shorts or try them on? What did you think? A comfy pair of luon shorts appeals to me.

Flowabunga Multi Stuff Your Bra. Do you fans of this bra find it frustrating that it hasn't come out in many solid colors? I personally prefer my bras to be solid colors. I have a few prints but the great majority are solid.

Forest Serenity Pant and Vita Loca Tank.

Serenity Hoodie and Camo Hottie Hot short

Opal Stuff Your Bra tank and Pretty Palm Speed Short.

And now comes a mini rant:

Stores - is corporate dictating what your photos should look like? Because I am seeing a lot of this ^^^ outfit today - the Bleached Coral Stuff Your Bra tank and the matching Up Your Pace Crops. Yesterday (and today) it was the Runsie. Last week it was the Rolling With My Omies Pant and Vita Loca tank. Before that it was the Be Present Pullover. You know what all those items have in common? They don't pull people into the stores. You are getting quite a few cute items every week so why are you picking only one or two to focus on? There used to be a lot more variety in the photos the stores put up but now it seems to be a coordinated campaign and it's not getting the job done. The person telling you what to push seems to be out of touch with what the customer really wants and they are costing you sales.  On a side note, the product notices that link to the website is a big error, too. It doesn't let us know what specific items our stores have. Many people have commented to me they no longer even bother reading the PNs.