Monday, June 23, 2014

Refresh Racer Tank

The new Refresher Racer tank. I need to give this tank a try on at the store. Shown with Spray Dye Tracker II shorts.

Stuff Your Bra Tank and More

Cadet Stuff Your Bra tank and Up Your Pace Crop

Bleached Coral No Limit Tank and Up Your Pace Crop

Flowabunga Runsie


Only Canada got Fatigue Camo Inspire crops - grrrr.

Fullux Wunder Under pants in Fatigue Camo.

New Dart and Dash Short prints. Canada got the Cadet Pretty Palm and but the US only got the Black Flowabunga.

New Tracker IIs in Cadet Pretty Paml and Curious Jungle. Only Canada go the Cadet ones. For some reason, the US only got the Curious Jungle up to size 10.

New Refresher Racer Tank, made of light luon. Only the US got this.

Only Canada got the Angel Split Singlet with the flowers at the bottom.

Canada got a Sheer Lemon Swiftly

Canada also got a Sheer Lemon/Zest Ta Ta Topper

I am debating ordering the Flowabunga Dart and Dash shorts. I wish we got the Fatigue Inspires and the Jungle Trackers in a 12. Did you order anything?

Runsie Photos

Also shown is the new Flowabunga multi Stuff Your bra.
Shown with the Free to Be Wild Bra.

Shown with a Free to Be bra.

Shown with a Stuff Your Bra underneath.

Shown with the Inner Heart Bra.

Shown with an Energy Bra.

Shown with the Free to Be bra.

Shown with the Seamlessly Plunge bra.
Shown with the Alight Bra.

 Photos of the new one piece Runsie in solid black and the Flowabunga print.

Stuff Your Bra Tank and New Up Your Pace Crop

Cadet Stripe Stuff Your Bra Tank II and Black Up Your Pace Crop

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank II and new quilted Speed Shorts

Opal Stuff Your Bra Tank and Up the Pace Crops

Black Stuff Your Bra Tank II and Up Your Pace Crops.  I remember the Stuff Your Bra Tank ran snug last time it was out. Has anyone tired the new one and can comment on the fit? I really like the back of the tank.

 Flowabunga Multi Stuff Your Bra, White Swiftly Tank, and Up the Pace Crops

New Stuff Your Bra in the Flowabunga multi print, Opal Stuff Your Bra tank, and Up the Pace Crops. Also shown is a Flowabunga Runsie.

NEW! Stuff Your Bra Tank and Runsie

Cadet Stuff Your Bra tank. I think the skirt is new, too, but I don't have a name on it.

The one piece Runsie has hit the stores.

Refresher Racer Dress

Globe and Mail: Wilson Exploring a Buyout or Selling His Holdings

The Globe and Mail reports:

"The Chip Wilson is talking with bankers at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in considering a host of options, including teaming with a private-equity firm to mount a buyout or selling his holdings in the company, a source familiar with the situation said Sunday."

"With about a 28-per-cent stake in the company, Mr. Wilson tried unsuccessfully almost two weeks ago to remove two members from the board of directors, including the chairman who recently replaced him in that position."

"Mr. Wilson, who still sits on the board, says he wants the company to focus more on long-term objectives and product innovation rather than just short-term results."

"Mr. Wilson, in his attempt to refocus the retailer on product and innovation, is talking to Goldman Sachs about his options, the source said. “But we haven’t signed a deal with Goldman Sachs yet … There’s no signed deal with any financial institution … Nothing has been finalized.”"

"Retail analyst Jennifer Black said Lululemon customers are growing impatient with the “lack of newness” and “lack of depth” among the merchandise." [Preach it, sister. Of all the analysts who follow lululemon Jennifer Black is the one who best understands how we consumers relate to the brand. I think that's because she's also a customer.]

"The retailer is working on a singular new inventory system that is expected to be operational by mid or late 2015, she noted.
Lululemon has “much ground to make up from a technology perspective,” Ms. Black added. She said it cannot track customer purchases or number of transactions and lacks data to understand its most loyal customers and reward them accordingly. The company is building a loyalty program expected to go live some time in 2015, she said." [From what I understand, a lot of the technology deficits are due to Wilson's focus on product only. However, I don't totally buy that. Day was CEO for a number of years, she could have pushed that aspect.]
I have zero financial background but I can't think this is a good thing. I mean, I think going back to being private would be good since it would take the focus off stock price and profits at the expense of product but this is a huge distraction for management who are trying to fix the mess Day left behind.
(Thanks to Ms. M. for the heads up)

Update - More from the Wall Street Journal:

"The founder could launch a proxy fight to win additional board seats or partner with a private-equity firm in a buyout, another person familiar with the matter said. Alternatively, he could sell his stake, this person said. So far, Mr. Wilson hasn't made any decisions on further steps, said a different person familiar with his thinking who wouldn't elaborate on what is under consideration."

"Mr. Wilson's stated frustration isn't so much with the management, led by new Chief Executive Laurent Potdevin, which he supports, but with the strategic direction set by the board. Mr. Wilson founded the company in 1998 by creating innovative designs using high-quality fabrics, and he wants the company to return to its roots by making product development a higher priority, the person said. He had expressed his dissatisfaction to the board on several occasions before going public with his concerns."

Is all this meddling a ploy to help out the new Kit and Ace company?

Gratitude Wraps Are Back! (in Australia)

The Australian upload is showing new Gratitude Wraps in Heathered Cadet, Black, and Medium Gray.

Also shown are a Heathered Forest Power Y and Forme Jacket - liking these.

New print in the Drishti Yoga Tote - Tides Up Opal/Coal.

Avenue Pants are back.