Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spotted in Stores - Refresher Racer Dress

Ooh! Now this looks cute. New luon (hearing it's nice and thick) Refresher Racer Dress. (Thanks to Ms. K. for the photos.)

Store photos of the dress. This definitely has promise. On a side note, I got the new Charming Braid headband (she is wearing one in the photo) I ordered today and it actually doesn't squeeze my big noggin to death. I think I will order another one. I've been dying to find a replacement for my beloved discontinued comfy Dance Headbands:

Dance Headband

Heathered Neon Pink Swiftly and More

Heathered Neon Pink Swiftly Tank and Milky Way Wunder Unders

All Day Asana Tote and Salutation to Savasana Dress.

I actually like the Angel Wing Get In On Blouse in this photo. Shown with the Get It On Skirt. The Top photo is the black Get It On Blouse.

You can clearly see the open slit in the back in these photos of the Get It On Dress.

Get It On Racer and Skirt. She looks like a cheer leader here.

Get It On Blouse and Short.

Bruised Berry Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops and Festival Bag

Stripes with florals is very in now and this woman looks really cute in this outfit. Vita Loca Tank and Rollin with my Omies pant. I've read fit reports that the Vita Loca is harder to get on correctly than the Flow N Go Tank.

Opal Power Y and Milky Way Wunder Under crops

Vita Loca Tank and Ok Hi Short