Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More of the Latest

The Get It On Dress Used as a tunic. Also, the black Get It On Blouse is shown.

Get It On Blouse, Top, Shorts, and Pant.

Get It On Pant.

Vita Loca tank and white Studio Crop.

Bali Breeze Power Y and Flowabunga Multi Omies Pant

More Vita Loca Tank and Rolling with my Omies pants, yawn.

Chai Time Pullover and Mesh High Times Crops.

Chai Time II, High Times Mesh Crops, and More

Chai Time II in Opal (Aquamarine?) and the Milky Way Wunder Under crops.

Another Chai Time sweater with the Mesh High Times crops, Vita Loca Tank, and OK Hi Shorts.

Heathered Bruised Berry Swiftly SS. Also shown are Blue Tropics and White.

Rolling With My Omies Pants with the Vita Loca Tank.

Back View of the High Times Crops

Lots of Mesh High Times crops photos.

Palm Play Wunder Under Crops.

Curious Jungle Speed Shorts and Opal Power Y

Interesting new (Black/Pretty Palm) and old (Seaside Dot) Dart and Dash short comparison photo (I stole it off the lululemon website comments section). If you mentally line up the bottom of the waistbands you can see how the rise changed a bit.  I wore mine on Sunday for a hot three mile run and really liked them. They didn't move at all.

Reader, Erin, sent in a nice comparison of Opal to some other similar colors - thanks!

More &Go Get It On Photos - Blouse, Top, Pants, Skirt, Shorts

I almost like the Angel Wing Get It On blouse here. I'm not sure how I feel about buttons on a top I'd like to use for running. It would work for a hiking shirt, I guess. Shown with the High Times Mesh crops.

 Get It On Top and Shorts. Also shown with the Get It On Skirt.

Get It On Front Racer and Skirt.

Burlap Get It On Dress

Get It On Pant with the Vita Loca Tank.