Friday, June 6, 2014

Salutation to Savasana Dress, Retro Camo Yoga Overskirt

Salutation to Savasana Dress, Beach Breaker Bag, and Festival Hat.

Retro Camo/Black Yoga Overskirt, Gray Seamlessly Covered Tank, Tranquility SL Wrap, and Go Lightly Bag

NEW! To Class Tee Made of Pearlized Luxtreme

Reader, Ms. E., sent me a photo of a new To Class Tee. What is interesting is that it mentions it's made of pearlized luxtreme. There were some Cool Racerbacks made of this material a couple of years ago and given that another reader (Ms. C. - thanks!) sent in photos of a pair of Astro Pants with a luxtreme Heathered Bruised Berry waistband I wonder if we'll be seeing new pearl lux CRBs.

Astro Pant with Heathered Bruised Berry Luxtreme waistband.

Palm Play Wunder Under Crops, Salutation to Savasana Dress and More

The new Palm Play Fullux (full on luxtreme) Wunder Under Crops. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.) I really like these. I know I can't pull them off but I like them a lot.

New Print Wunder Under color combo (thanks to Ms. R. for the photo).  

Nice close ups of the new Retro Camo/Black Yoga Overskirt. (Thanks to Ms. A. & Ms. E. for the photos.)

Bruised Berry Seamlessly Covered Tank and Wee Space Print Inspire Crops

Flowabunga Multi Print Alight Bra

The Burlap and Flowabunga print Rolling with my Omies Pant.

Salutation to Savasana Dress

The latest Speeds in Spray Dye, Bruised Berry, and Flowabunga.

More OK Hi Shorts photos.

New Britt's Picks

Thanks to a reader who pointed out the latest Britt's Picks are up. I am very tempted by the Heathered Bruised Berry Swiftlys.

Neon Pink Swiftly Tank in Stores, Rolling with my Omies Pants, Spray Dye Keep on Running Duffel, and More

Neon Pink Swiftly tanks have hit Canadian stores. The SS photo is from a non-North American website. I really like this color. People who have seen Neon Pink headbands think the color looks very close to Flash. Also shown are the Milky Way Wunder Under Crops which seem to have gotten a second production run. I also saw a photo of Black Camo Wunder Under pants so if you missed those the first time, take a look in your stores for them.

Rolling with my Omies Pant photos in Flowabunga Multi and Burlap pattern. Also shown in the second photo are the new Cadet Hotty Hot short (not colorized - yay!).

OK Hi shorts in Cadet and Black. These ladies make the shorts look cute.

From a London (UK) store (thanks to Ms. E. for the photo) - Cool Breeze/Bruised Berry Spray Dye Keep on Running Duffel.

Photo of the new Festival Hats. I saw this in the store the other day. They're definitely made of straw. I like to tuck a hat in whatever bag I am using, whether at the soccer field or gym, so I'm pretty sure I'd crack this in a hot minute. A neat idea but not practical for me.

The latest Speed Shorts - Pretty Palm, Cool Breeze/Bruised Berry Spray Dye, Cadet Quilted Waistband, and Flowabunga Multi.

The Yoga Overskirt is back in black and Retro Camo.