Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Curious Jungle Cool Racerback, Heathered Bruised Berry Swifty, and More

Photos of new arrivals at a strategic partner store. I see Opal and Curious Jungle Cool Racerbacks, Bruised Berry and Flowabunga Rest Less Tanks, new Swiftlys in Heathered Bruised Berry and Opal.

Forest In the Flow Crops, Curious Jungle Alight Bras, and More

Forest In the Flow Crops and Curious Jungle Alight Bra

In the Flow crops and Next to Nothing tank

Seamlessly Covered Tank and In the Flow Crops
Tranquility SL Wrap, CRB, and In the Flow Crops
These photos are making me want a pair of Forest Green bottoms. I might bite for a pair of Seamlessly Street crops in the color because of the longer length but I don't love the shorter In the Flow crops.

Curious Jungle Alight Bra shown with matching Reverse Groove shorts and Wunder Under crops.

Blissed Out Wrap photos.

Alight Tank and Bruised Berry Wunder Unders and In the Flow Crops.

Inner Heart Bra
Seamlessly Plunge Bra
Alight Bra
Arise Bra
Great series of photos of the new bras on the same woman.

More bra photos. Shown with the Roll Down Wunder Under crops.

Tranquility SL Wrap.