Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ok Hi Short Photos

A couple of photos (thanks, Ms. E.!) of the new OK Hi shorts. Based on the photos thus far, I had no idea they were made of luon.

Seamlessly Covered Tank, Alight Tank, and More

Seamlessly Covered Tank with the Plunge bra underneath.

Seamlessly Covered Tank and Seamlessly Street Crops

Shown with the Cadet Dart and Dash Short
Photos of the new Seamlessly Covered tank. I tried this on today and thought it was TTS, super soft and comfortable. The armpit area looked odd on me, probably because the weight of my chest pulled the top down too much so this tank is not for me unless I want to layer another bra under it.

Photos of the Tranquility Wrap SL.

Love this combo - Cool Breeze Alight Tank and Bruised Berry Seamlessly Street Crops

Alight Tank Photos.

Next to Nothing Tank and Alight Bra

Seamlessly Plunge Bra and Arise Bra

Inner Heart Bra, Alight Bra, Arise Bra, and Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Inner Heart Bra


Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Seamlessly Plunge Bra and new Print Wunder Unders

I tried on the new Alight, Arise, and Inner Heart Bras. The only bra that really worked for me (36DD)  without me spilling all over the place was the Inner Heart and I think I need to size up in that one. It has pretty good support for me.

Blissed Out Wrap and OK Hi Short

Blissed Out Wrap Photos

New Opal Vinyasa

Dune Festival Bag

A great backside in the Cadet Dart and Dash Shorts

Beach Breaker Bag

Cadet Runner Up SS - dying for a Runner Up tank in this color

Nice close up of the Seamlessly Street Crop

Sea Wheeze Sneak Peek

Thanks to Ms. C. for the head's up on a Sea Wheeze sneak peek - a Sea Wheeze Stuff Your Bra.