Monday, June 2, 2014

Inner Heart, Arise, Alight Bras, and Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap

Arise and Seamlessly Plunge Bra

Inner Heart, Arise Bra, and Alight Bra

Alight Bras

Arise Bras
More Arise Bras

Seamlessly Plunge Bras

Inner Heart Bra

More photos of the fug Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap.


Bruised Berry Dance Studio Jacket

Cadet Seamlessly Street Crop

Cool Breeze Spray Dye Tracker II Short

Heathered Forest In the Flow Crops

Wamo Camo Beach Breaker Bag

Salutation to Savasana Dress
Chai Time Pullover II (Canada)
Earl Gray Festival Bag

Nothing very exciting to me was uploaded though I know a lot of people are really liking the Bruised Berry Studio Jacket. I didn't order anything. What did you get?

NEW! Alight Tank, Arise and Inner Heart Bras are Back Plus Lots More

New Alight Tank ($58), made of luxtreme. Also shown are Bruised Berry In the Flow crops and a Festival bag.

Shown in these photos are a new Tranquility Sleeveless Wrap in Angel Wing, new shorts, and Seamlessy Covered tank in Opal (I think).

Blissed Out Wrap shown with Forest In the Flow Crops

Shown with Bruised Berry In the Flow Crops and a new striped CRB.

Shown with the Seamlessly Covered Tank and a Festival Bag.
The Blissed Out Wrap is back. Also shown are a striped CRB, a Bruised Berry Seamlessly Covered Tank, Bruised Berry and Forest In the Flow Crops, and a Festival Bag.

New bra styles have hit the stores. The top is the Inner Heart Bra, the middle is the Arise Bra, and I think the one on the bottom is called the Alight Bra.

The top portion of this photo shown four new Vinyasa colors.
New sleeveless wrap called the Tranquility SL wrap. Also shown is the new striped CRB.

Bruised Berry Seamlessly Covered Tank and a new Vinyasa color.

The Festival Hat

Black Festival Bag

NEW! Festival Hat and Festival Bag is Back

New hat called the Festival Hat.

From a US store - the Festival bags are back in black and Dune. The Australian website also had a Cool Breeze Spray Dye Festival bag:

Dune Festival Bag
From the Australian website - Flowabunga Scuba II.