Friday, May 30, 2014

Forest Forme Jacket, Bruised Berry Rest Less Tank, and More

Forest Green and Bruised Berry Formes. Shown with the Curious Jungle waistband Groove shorts.

Bruised Berry Rest Less Tank

Another photo of the Bruised Berry Spray Dye Speed Shorts.

NEW! Neon Pink Wee Are From Space Forme Jacket

Spotted in stores - a new Wee Space in what I think is Neon Pink and Angel Wing. I'm not sure about the colors but that is my guess based on the codes. (Thanks to Ms. P. for the photo.)

Curious Jungle Speed Short Photos

Curious Jungle Print Speed Shorts. I don't love them here but they'd probably pop more with a paired with a top that really sets them off.

Bruised Berry Wunder Under crops.