Monday, May 26, 2014

Runner Up Tank and Shirt Photos

A couple more photos of the new Runner Up SS and Tank.

Spotted in Stores - New Color: Neon Pink

Thanks to Ms. C. for the photo - a new color, called Neon Pink, has been spotted in stores. Ms. C. says it looks a lot like Flash.

Wacky Website Photos

That Walkman is not going to fit in the waistband pocket.  And touching a fire hydrant - ewwww.

Squirrel? In an... egg?

Mud on legs, fake rock, fierce expression...inside - okaaaay.

Lots of enjoyment at the wacky website photos tonight.


Aquamarine Fast and Free Jacket

Bruised Berry Speed Short

Cool Breeze Runner Up tank

Pretty Palm Run a Marathon Tank

Wamo Camo Inspire Crop

Bruised Berry Flow Y

Pretty Palm Run Times Short
I really like the look of the new Fast and Free jacket but would like to see it in the store. The Runner Up tank is pretty cute but I wish the black version was plain. I ended up ordering the Pretty Palm Run Times shorts to try. Did you order anything?

NEW! Runner Up Tank, Runner Up Short Sleeve, Dart and Dash Short, and More

The new Runner Up Tank and Dart and Dash Short. The Runner Up Tank reminds me a lot of my beloved Energy SL Tank.

Runner Up Short Sleeve and Tracker II shorts.

Another color in the Stuff Your Bra.

Flowabunga/Bleached Coral Tracker II shorts.

 Dhanurasana Crop, Stretch and Asana Bra, and new Vinyasa scarf.