Friday, May 23, 2014

Britt's Picks/Upcoming Items - Run A Marathon Crops are Back

Pretty Palm Speeds are already hitting stores - from a NorCal Showroom store.

I'll be curious to try the new Run Times shorts. I assume the Run Times are the Groovy Run Replacement since they have a zipper waistband pocket. I like that they look like Speed shorts in the back. I'll definitely order them to give them a try. The Pretty Palm Run a Marathon Crop IIs are nice, too, but I can't remember why I never got into that style of crop the first time around.

Pace Rival Skirt, Mesh High Times, Rocket Skirt, and More

Pretty color combo in the new Pace Rival Skirt. I tried this on today and really liked the style.

Pretty Palm Print in the Pace Rival.

Some Dhanurasana Crop II photos. These look like they're made of Practice Cotton. I loaded up on a pair of roll down cotton WUCs and two dip dye Live Natural practice cotton bottoms so can take a pass on these.

I'm not a big fan of words on clothing unless it's my alma mater. Easy pass for me on these new Scuba hoodies.

Mesh High Times crops and Be Present Pullover. I tried the Be Present on today and really liked it - the cotton is super soft and the knit pattern very pretty. I just wish it was about five inches longer. I thought the fit was TTS.

Rocket Skirt in both black and camo. Also shown is the Be Present Pullover.

Close ups of the Needa Margarita print Keep On Running Duffel.

Rocket Skirt, Be Present Pullover, Dhanurasana Crops, and More

Photos of the Rocket Skirt. This was only uploaded to Canada and this photo is from a Canadian store.

Update - the Rocket Skirt is in US stores, too. Shown with the Black and Deep Coal Go Lightly bags.

Be Present Pullover and Go Lightly Bag.

New Dhanurasana II crops and the Black Be Present Pullover.

Photos of the Perfect Pace Visor in Black and Wee Space Blue Tropics.

Dune Perfect Pace Hat.