Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In the Flow Dress, Be Present Pullover, and More Shanti/Water Bound Swim Line

The new Black in the Flow dress.

Be Present Pullover in white.

Barely Pink 105F, Burlap Water Bound bra, Earl Gray Burlap Wunder Under Pant

Water Bound Bra, Boogie Shorts, Water Bound Singlet

Water Bound Bra and Boogie Shorts

If only we could order the great backside with the bikini bottom. ;-)

Shanti Short and Rash Gurad

Rocking the Water Bound bra and shorts.
Sport Top, Shanti Short; Triangle Top, Hipster Bottom

Water Bound Bra, Singlet, and Crops

I love when they show the pieces in action.

Triangle Top and Shanti Short

Wamo Camo Water Bound Singlet Added to Website

Some tempting WMTM added tonight but since I spent so much on swim wear I can't get anything more. However, (thanks to the heads up by Ms. S.) there is a new Wamo Camo Water Bound Singlet on the website.

Be Present Pullover and More

Earl Gray Be Present Pullover. Such a pretty sweater, I wish it wasn't so short.

Black Go Lightly Bag. I wonder why the US hasn't received the new colors yet.

 Blue Tropics Wee Space Cool Racerback.

Earl Gray Burlap Wunder Under Pant and Barely Pink 105F Singlet.

Free to Be Bra and Cadet High Times Crop

Salutation to Savasana LS top.

Lots More Shanti Surf and Water Bound Swim Line Photos

Cross Back Top and Bikini Bottom.

Sport Top and Hipster Bottom in Bleached Coral.

Sport Top/Hipster Bottom

Some great photos showing the bathing suit pieces, including some great rear view shots that show how cheeky (or not) the bottoms are. Shown in this group are the Shanti Surf Sport Top in Bleached Coral Steep Stripe and Shanti Surf Hipster Bottoms in Bleached Coral Steep Stripe/Flowabunga Mini Multi. The other woman is wearing the Shanti Shurf Cross Back Top in Flowabunga Mini Multi Print with Black Shanti Surf Bikini bottoms.

Black Pretty Palm Shanti Cross Back Top and Hipster Bottom.

Shanti Black Pretty Palm/Steep Stripe Rash Guard and Bikini Bottom

Shanti Rash Guard in black Pretty Palm/Steep Stripe and Blue Tropics Shanti Bikini Bottom. Also shown is the new Wamo Camo Beach Breaker Bag.

Beach Breaker Bag and Burlap print Water Bound hoodie.

Blue Tropics Shanti Triangle Top and Pretty Palm Bikini Bottom.

The same couple but now she put on the Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet and Shanti Shorts over her suit.

Great series showing the Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet, Flowabunga Shanti Surf Triangle Top, and Shanti Surf Bleached Coral/Flowabunga shorts.

 Blue Tropics Shanti Sport top with the Flowabunga Shanti Shorts.

The Shanti Shorts on three different people. 

Aquamarine Water Bound Singlet and Pretty Palm Shanti Short

Wamo Camo Water Bound Bra and Crop

Great photo of the Water Bound crop

Water Bound Hoodie and Crop

 Black Water Bound Singlet, Burlap Hoodie, and Pretty Palm Shanti Short